Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 to 2011

2010 Recap:

January 1, 2010 = 235.6 lbs
Waist = 41"
Hips = 52"
Arm = 15.25"

December 31, 2010 = 185 lbs
Waist = 35"
Hips = 47"
Arm = 12.75"

That's a loss of 50lbs. 6" loss on my waist, 5" on my hips and 2.5" on my arms. My BMI went from 37.9 (obese) to 29.9 (overweight).

2011 - A Holistic approach to a Healthy me.

It's tough writing a New Year's Resolution after the holidays when I've recently gained and haven't been 100% motivated. But perhaps that's the best time to set in motion new goals and new aspirations. This year its all about recommitting to the goals I've already established. Just as with any relationship sometims its difficult with the "daily trudge." Sometimes it wears on you, or some variety is needed, etc. That's when its important to look back AND LOOK FORWARD. Nows the time to decide if I need to change what I'm doing or simply vary it.

Let it be known though that these aren't RULES by any means, but a set of guidelines or recommendations for a more healthy me. Why am I not being more strict on myself? Because in order to succeed, I need the choice. I need to know that I have the ablity to make a decision. Whether I determine it to be a "good" or "bad" choice is up to me, but ultimately I'm in charge. Not some stupid weight loss rules. I want to set myself up for successes, not failures.

So here are my resolutions, a holistic approach to a healthy me. For a well-rounded me.

Read one book a month. TV is reserved for "working out on the elliptical" and special occasions. When I have free time, espcially before bedtime, I'll read. It'll help me to calm my body down to get it ready for sleeping as well as enrich my mind. (Plus I have a TON of books I want to read.)

New hobbies. Painting. Decoupage. Knitting. etc. etc. etc. New hobbies are great and wonderful things to do. Even if its short term and even if it turns into a disaster. I generally enjoy creativity and find that I'm happier when I do.


Cardio workout at least 3 days a week a maximum of 5 days a week. Morning workouts are preferred as I know I feel more energetic and it "gets it out of the way" Cardio to include jogging, elliptical, or bicycling. Giving myself a maximum of 5 workouts is something I've not done, but I feel is necessary. I need to have the rest, I don't want to injure myself, nor do I want to overexert my body. Rest is an important part of health.

Maintain a calorie intake of 1250 calories each day (until I hit weight loss goal). This is a tough one... as I've been doing this for the past year already. The emphasis here is continuing to do it. I've changed my lifestyle in 2010, in 2011 it's all about maintaing that change. Comitting to it.

Strength training. I've been very lax in committing to this. Not good. I notice the difference when I keep up with it. My arms and stomach feel strong and I feel more flexible and refreshed. Time to start committing again to this. (The new PS3 Sports Active 2.0 that I have purchased for my goal reward should help out with this too.)


Volunteerism. Whether in the community, at my school, etc. I enjoy helping others and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to do so. I'm already doing this, but this is a renewal of that committment.

Practice piano once a week. Something I really need to get back into. I was a pianist in my younger years and I don't want to lose that skill. Again, a recommitment.

So here's to the past, the present, and the future. May it be healthy and happy!

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