Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 23

Day 161:

Like the Energizer Bunny.... I keep going and going...

I had a good week this week, my weight dropped a bit and held steady. This week and weekend was rough as far as eating goes, because I had plenty of events and friends and family in town. Made it difficult for keeping my calories low. I never went hog-wild though. I tried to keep my portions small and relatively healthy foods. I still feel like I was "bad" but upon looking back my calories never went over 2000 which is where I really draw the line. This morning's weigh in shows me I have nothing to worry about. I was back today eating my carrot sticks and chicken salad (munching on an apple right now). Its all about "staying with it." I like Dr. Oz's theme of: At the next available moment, make an authorized U turn. There's always an opportunity to turn it around.

I got some good exercise this week. I was off on Friday and too the opportunity to do a nice long workout on the elliptical as well as complete my strength training. After doing this strength training for a couple of months I'm really starting to see a difference. I'm able to go lower into my push ups. Hold "the plank" longer. And sit ups still hurt :) but not as much. Also, Saturday a big group of family and friends went to walk the LSU lakes... so by Sunday my body was exhausted from all the activity.

I didn't get to work out this morning, but I'm planing to hop on the elliptical tonight. I do love my morning workouts but when I don't get enough sleep its hard to get going. Evening workouts are just as great, but I feel like a slacker for my mom/wife duties, so I try not to inconvenience the family with my exercise. Not too mention morning workouts have the benefit of more energy during the day.

I'm officially going to pack up some clothes tonight. Some of the bigger sizes are getting to look ridiculous and I need to just do away with them. I'm in between the hand-me-downs my sister gave me and the smallest size pants/jeans that I own. It's frustrating, but I'll get over it. :)

Overall, I've lost 33 lbs. That's one pound down from last week. My measurements stayed the same, but that doesn't worry me since I did some strength training on Friday. I have 14 weeks to lose 12 lbs which is about 0.86lbs per week... I've been averaging 1.4 lbs/week. So I'm certain I'll make it there.

Being halfway (6 months) is so close I can taste it. That will be a big step for me... cause it really proves how this isn't just a "diet" or a "fling"... it's long term. Not to mention that according to my average I could hit my ULTIMATE goal in 17 weeks. That would be end of July. It all seems so soon that I'm anxious and giddy. But I've gotta stay the course and remember the day to day .... remember it all started with Day One.

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