Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 25

Day 175:

Short post.

I feel crummy today... I'm not sure if its lack of sleep (I haven't been getting as much as I usually do) or if I'm getting sick (again!), but I feel weak and achy.

I had a big physical week this past week doing 2.5 hours total on the elliptical. All of my calisthenics (about an hours worth). Saturday morning I helped some friends move furniture, Saturday afternoon went for a walk and did some climbing and exercising on a local park playground. Not to mention regular house work and walking. So I'm comfortable taking it slow today... I think.

I ate very well during the week only allowing myself to indulge on Saturday night (had friends over) and Easter Sunday (crawfish boil). Otherwise it was tunafish salad romaine wraps and lots of fruit.

I had a great weigh in on Saturday morning which had me very excited (let's just say I saw some 'teens' numbers - I hope its not a fluke) but with high salty food the rest of the weekend this morning's weigh in was a disappointment. So overall I've lost 32.4 lbs and my measurements have stagnated a bit.

I'm kind of "indifferent" about it all. Knowing how much work I did last week makes me not worry about seeing any significant weight loss. However, I will worry about not seeing a weekly drop as I get closer and closer to end of June. I've got 12 weeks left and 12.6 lbs to lose until then.

On a brighter note, next week will mark this as a 6 month. I'm excited about that. I hope that I see some lower numbers for it. Here's hoping.

Btw, the photo on me is pretty significant. The top I'm wearing is a spaghetti strap cute shirt I purchased many years ago, but never wore. I looked dynamite in it (imo), so I thought it was worth a pic.

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