Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 27

Day 189:

I spent the better part of yesterday being a couch potato. For which I feel the least bit guilty about seeing as Saturday I burned over a thousand calories between walking the zoo and doing yard work. Saturday was quite comical for me, as I had to end up eating more than I normally do and even was able to have a couple of drinks since I was so under my calorie count.

I'm proud of myself for this weekend. I only went over one day, Friday, when I went to have pizza and ice cream with some friends. It was worth every pleasurable calorie and was a fun night.

This morning's weigh in has me at 37 lbs lost and that number is the 2/3rds number. (Take a look at my countdown.) I'm officially two-thirds of the way there... which means I only have 19 lbs til my goal. Gah, so close. It seems like just yesterday I had a whopping 56 lbs to lose. Now I'm looking at less than twenty.

My measurements aren't making much movement at all, which has me a little distressed actually. I should be losing fat weight, not muscle mass, and (slowly) I should see measurement changes. I wonder if I'm not measuring correctly.

So as of this morning I'm 8 lbs til my June 30th goal. At the rate I'm losing its pretty much impossible for me to not meet that goal. In fact I'm banking on hitting it by the end of May.

So since yesterday was a "TV Jamboree", I've decided this week I will limit myself to TV only during workouts. That way I'll have a reason to want to get on the elliptical (not that that's ever a problem). Also, I'm going to shoot for morning workouts again. So that means curfew of 10:30pm and wake up at 6:30am. That's my goal this week. I've got to get back into a regular routine and definitely need to stop sleeping late.

Overall, I feel good. I'm getting lots of compliments which is great. I feel more confident and feel sexier. I'm becoming more picky with my clothes, which is very unlike me in the past. As I was gaining weight, my clothes got baggier and baggier (trying to hide the bulge). Now as I get thinner, I want more form fitting. I like to show off my little waist. :o)

The heat has arrived, and I'm actually glad for it. I loved spending the day in the sun on Saturday. I love being outdoors and breathing fresh air. Its like weight has (literally) been taken off my shoulders. Now on my days off I want to walk, run, work, exercise. I want to be more active.


  1. Yay! So happy you're so close to your goal. And it's great that you're not beating yourself up for having a chill day. We all need those from time to time. ^.^

  2. My measurements weren't budging for awhile there, then they went down. It could just be one of those things. Why can't these things be more cooperative? :)