Friday, May 7, 2010

Put it in Perspective

So when I think that things are just going and going... and I feel down and out about my journey (like I do sometimes). I put it in perspective.

If I live to be 80 years old, and I continue down this weight loss path for a year and a half (16 months) that is 1.8% of my lifetime. That's so little! And think of the health benefits and the longevity (not to mention how good I'll look!) only using 1.8% of my life.

But let's go even further, take away the childhood years and elderly years and let's look at 20-60, the "meat" of the adult lifetime. That's only 3.75% of my lifetime. That's still so little! That's almost 4% of my adult life, the rest of the time is work, sleep, and enjoying life.

But what about the day to day perspective. How can we justify exercise when we live such in busy days, well how about this:

24 hours = 30 minutes of exercise = 2.7% of my day
24 hours = 60 minutes of exercise = 4.2% of my day

But let's look at it a different way, take away 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of work, your actual "free time"

8 hours (free time) = 30 minutes of exercise = 8.3% of my day
8 hours (free time) = 60 minutes of exercise = 12.5% of my day

See how little that is? And think of the ultimate benefits. By adding just 30 to 60 minutes a day, I'm prolonging my life, creating new opportunities, and increasing energy.

Put it in perspective... it's worth it.


  1. Numbers are hard... ;)

    I completely agree. It seems like such a monumental undertaking, but it really is so little in the comparison to our daily lives...not to mention the benefits are enormous to increasing the possibilities of our daily lives.

  2. I love math...

    And think, also, of the years your adding to your life. Healthy people who exercise statisticly live longer than over weight people.

    I should write all those numbers on my white board, keep my motivated when I'm feeling like not working out a day.