Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 30

Day 210:

Great triumphs this week! As of this weekend I hit 40 lbs of total lost! That's 2.4 lbs down from last week!

I was concerned with my lack of loss in the past two weeks and decided to add on an additional bike ride in the afternoon to try to lift myself through that plateau. Apparently it worked and now I'm very happy with the results.

This weekend was fun. I gave myself a free night Saturday evening and ate some pizza and some junk food. After which I realized that my body doesn't like any of it and can't process it anymore. Sunday we went out to a fancy dinner for Mother's Day. I keep forgetting to take enzymes when I eat "other types" of food. They help with digestion.

I worked out every day this past week except Sunday. Where I spent my lazy mother's day with my family. :o) It was nice to kick back and just rest for a day. Especially since as of this morning it's going to be a crazy stressful week.

So this puts me at a total loss of 40.4 lbs with 4.6 to lose for my June 30th goal. I'm certain I'll hit this earlier than June. This means I have a total of 15.6 lbs to lose towards my final goal. This is incredibly exciting!

As far as my measurements go, my Mother's Day gift was this dress from Old Navy, size Large. It looked great on me. I could definitely tell how my figure changed and loved wearing it. I'm starting to wear dresses so much more, because I look so cute in them.

So not much else to report, just keeping with my daily routine and eating healthy foods and controlling portions. Adding a little bit more exercise here or there when I can. My co-workers in my office have started being much more complimentary about my weight loss. So much so that even ex-employees have heard about it. The word must be getting around.

My spirits are good. And I'm hopeful for the next few months. I've generally been a happier, more content person, while going through all this. And now I can't imagine going through a week not having the same attitude in all I do. Yes this journey will ultimately have a final destination (in about a year and a half), however, I've accepted this new lifestyle. It fits me better and really makes me feel more fulfilled as a person.

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  1. I'm glad you had a happy Mother's Day. And yay for liking how you look in dresses! You are so close to your goal. Best of luck!