Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 32

Day 224:


I gained this week... or if it is just sodium/water then... I didn't lose.

I'm in a bad mood today ... be it from lack of sleep for the weekend, a lack of being able to do any real exercise, and just plain ol' burnt out. My motivation has diminished, and been replaced with everything else that needs to be done. Family functions, housework, projects, chauffeuring the kid, so on and so on. Where once I was selfish and would put my foot down on anything related to my health and wellness, I'm becoming lax. And I'd like to blame it on social functions and familial responsibilities. The fault is ultimately mine.

For the past 4 weeks I'm been a little over my calories, not as "gung-ho" as I usually am and the weekends have become so gross in calories that they literally kill all the work I do during the week. This has to stop. My days have become so crazy with errands and various responsibilities (both home and office) that I neglect my exercise time. I need to get selfish again. I need to get demanding again. I need to not allow my life to direct me, but the other way around.

This week's plan is to have a low cal week. No day over 1200 calories. Everyday = 30 minute elliptical and 10 minute per day strength training. Period.

I'm rekindling the thought process I had the first week I started this. I mentally, emotionally, and physically had/have to force myself to be this way. I must have will-power. I must be strong.

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