Monday, June 21, 2010

Regaining Focus

Week 36, Day 252:

Difficult past week for me. I was out of town at the end of the week for work. I was only able to get two days of a good workout in (some housework last night though). And due to some social functions and my lack of will power it made my weekly calorie intake sky rocket.

But that's the past. This is a new week. And things are back in routine. I forced my butt to workout this morning, and tonight hope to do some more housework and furniture moving, so I'll be back into my normal way of things. I'm happy to have some routine back cause it just makes things easier to maintain. That being said, I'm proud of myself for the way I've reacted to "life's interruptions." I'm making better decisions as I go and in the long haul, that's what's important.

So there's no weekly weight loss this week, but I'm hopeful for some change after this week. I'd like to get some strength training in (something I've neglected to do for a month).

For those who don't know, once I hit my goal I will be getting my first (and probably only) tattoo. (My reward for all this hard work) My sister has some sketches that she will be drawing up for it (I'll post once I have them). I'm getting excited about that as it will likely be July or August when I get it. It will be a phoenix of some sort. I know that seems canned and unoriginal. But it has meaning for me and therefore worth it.

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  1. I'm still trying to think of a reward for my first goal but I can't think of anything. A tattoo would be very cool and I can't wait to see the one you're getting!