Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 33

Day 234:

So I haven't posted because I've been super busy, but here goes.

Last weekend was a Girl's Night Out weekend in New Orleans with my two BFFs (My sis and my best friend). It was a blast. I made sure to workout Friday morning so dinner Friday night (pizza) wasn't a hassle. Saturday we were all going to wake up early and workout, but we slept in instead... that's what happens when girl's talk to 1am the night before. :o) Saturday we went to Oak Alley Plantation for a tour. It was amazing and fun and well worth the drive down. The highlight of the trip was the Mint Juleps imo. My sister brought a very nice camera to take pretty pictures, so it was all fun. (Still don't like pictures - I love taking them, hate looking at them.) Later we went swimming at her pool in her apartment building and soaked in the hot tub. Then it was sushi and hitting Bourbon street for some fun. I didn't drink much and danced for about 4 hours, so that's good exercise right? Sunday, we had a yummy breakfast and drove back home.

All in all for a "trying to be healthy" weekend. It wasn't at all bad. The kicker came on Memorial Day when we went over to my BFFs house and cooked momentous amounts of food and just ate and sat around all day. So by the end of the weekend and Monday, my weigh ins were 2-3 lbs heavier.

As the week's progressed (Tues, Wed, and this morning), my weigh ins are lowering as I'm back in my routine. Plus I mowed the lawn yesterday and worked out this morning on the elliptical (something I plan to do tomorrow morning as well).

Hopefully this well prove to have a couple of pounds loss after the weekend. Trip to Pensacola, FL... sigh... I'm so close to June 30th goal and really would just like to hit it... now. I'm hoping I'm closer than I think and some of the weight in my weigh-ins are hormones and water weight. Thus far I'm at a total of 42.4 lbs. No change from last week. Measurements are the same too.

Regardless, these past three days I've been back at 1200 calories per day and at least 30 min workouts per day. Will I see any loss? When will I hit the June 30th goal? Will I be able to make it?


  1. Look at those collarbones! ^.^ You'll make your goal by the 30th, you're so close already. Just have faith and confidence in yourself, and the rest will just come.

  2. you are my inspiration to keep going just look at your will and determination! you will hit that goal by the 30t.

    im dreading the point where i get down to 1200 calories a day.. lets just say i will be forcing myself in the gym more just so i can eat more lol