Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Week 38, Day 267

As of this morning, I've lost 46.6 lbs. I lost an inch on my wasit and hips compared to last week. And I have 9.4 lbs to go. So many wonderful things are going on at the same time, I'll defer from my regular blog post to highlight them...

My daughter is in another state!: And no I don't mean state of being (although its entirely possible). She's in Alabama with some family going to a Space Camp. We drove her this weekend, which meant many snacks in the car and not much exercise (a total 14 hour trip). While I have the natural motherly worry for her, I'm excited to have some hubby time.

Hubby Time: Me and my husband have never had the "married couple" time since we've been married, its always been myself, him, and our daughter. So the times we can spend together just as a couple I truly cherish. We're excited to spend a whole two weeks of quality time together, just him and me. I've made him aware that I want to beef up my exercise and hold to it these next two weeks, even possibly find a gym that he and I can get some free passes to. It'd be great to do some exercise together as a couple.

My sis: She's leaving this week to Dallas, TX for a wonderful job. Moving all on her own to a new city... by herself. The protective older sister in me cringes and weeps for this. But the encouraging sibling and best friend in me is overjoyed at her new exciting journey. She is/has been partially my motivation for the weight loss. I watched her do it for herself and it proved to me that it could be done. She's been my sounding board, my coach. Every morning we talk to each other and I tell her my weigh ins and she congratulates me or helps to calm me down for those times I feel blue. She's truly supportive. Even so far that she's designing the tattoo I plant to get for when I hit my goal. I'm almost worried to see her go, as if my motivation and support will leave, but at the same time I think it might be a necessary process in my steps toward "a better me."

While having the support and a person I can lean on is extraordinarily helpful, ultimately this is my battle. And now this will be a battle that I'll face somewhat by myself (don't get me wrong, she's not dropping off the face of the planet nor are any of my other supporters, lol). I just feel like at this point I'm right at the finish line (so to speak). And at that moment, when a runner's lungs are heaving, legs are aching and fiery, and the finish line is in sight. Something deep down inside draws them to run harder. That's where I need to be. I need to visualize it. Just two things in view...
Myself. And a goal.

Good luck, Lee Lee.

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  1. She's definitely not falling off the face of the planet ;)

    Through this entire process, it's been your determination. I've just been lucky enough to be a witness to your journey. And it's an amazing journey. I can't wait to see it pan out, and come back in a couple weeks or months and see how much farther you've come. You're truly an inspiration to me to never give up and strive for what's important to me.

    Love you, big sis.