Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 39

Day 274: (9 months to date!)

Well, this morning was my lowest weigh-in since I've started. While I'm not ready to put that number in stone, if the scale is correct and my projections, August should be the month of triumph. Considering that July is almost halfway through I'm ecstatic!

This past week was a bit difficult as family was in town and some social events brought about many"dinner plans." However, everyday of last week I worked out, even doing yard work in very HOT temperatures on Saturday.

One of my good friends at the YMCA pulled some strings for me and got my hubby and I a week's
guest pass to the gym (since our daughter is at camp). We worked out yesterday and I hope to do some more on Wednesday (possibly Thursday). They have an elliptical with a cross ramp which I really enjoy (my one at home does not).

I finally went through some of my clothes and pulled out all the jeans/pants. It was getting ridiculous to have them around since they were so saggy bottomed. On Saturday I went to the mall and bought two new pair. Not quite a size down yet from last time. But close. My butt looks good in them so no complaints. :o)

So not much else to report. I'm sticking to my guns this week, exercising everyday, with some strength training thrown in. Moderate meals and healthy eating. To date I've lost 48.2 lbs ... that leaves 7.8 lbs to go.

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