Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 41

Day 289:

Sorry for the delay in posting... I'm off of work this week on "vacation" so my routine of course has changed.

The wonderful thing about being home for a week is that I've been able to increase my exercise, the terrible thing is that I'm home with a whole availability of food. Lately I've been snacky in the evenings, but have tried to limit myself to items like beef jerky, yogurt covered raisins, nuts, and fruit. 1200 calorie diet is getting tougher, mainly cause in the evening I snack and also getting 25% protein is getting to be such a chore. I don't mind egg whites, or beef jerky, or fish or anything of the sort, but I have to watch how much of anything I can eat, which usually means I try to stay low cal. High protein, low cal, low fat is sometimes very difficult. AND I want to stay on a balanced diet (dairy, fruit, veggies, etc.) My body needs carbs... especially with all the exercise I'm doing.

I had a brief reminder today of how much further I have to go. I had a free coupon from Victoria's Secret and they only had it item in "Large", when I got home to try it on it barely fit over my legs and not even close on my hips. I won't let it get to me though, it will just be a goal for the future.

My weigh ins have been fairly good, I'm not seeing any significant drops, but I'm certain its water weight and hormones that are the key factor. At one point I had two days of fairly low weighs ins making my total 51.4 lost, but until I see that number pretty regularly, it won't be official.

So thus far its still 50 lbs, with a quarter inch coming off my waist and hips this week compared to last. I swear if anymore inches come off my waist it'll be non-existent! With the drop in inches, but not in pounds shows me that I'm building some muscle. This makes sense since I've gotten back into my strength training these past few weeks and been sore a couple of days last week and the week before.

Overall, I'm quietly trying to hold in my frustration and anticipation. Only 5-6 more pounds until I hit my goal! I have such a large urge to kick it into overdrive and "drink black coffee and smoke cigarettes" (as my friend Sarah put it). But deep down I want to make sure I'm healthy and not hurting my body. I want it to be a "true weight" not just a dehydrated, false weight. Ultimately, I've already proven that I'll hit my goal well before October 12th. So, anything before then is bonus time. 1-2 lbs a week of loss is safe and healthy. This is more than just weight loss, its about being healthy... so I can live a longer, happier, and more fulfilling life.


  1. Wow. I was just looking at your "before" picture from 2008 in the sidebar and there's such a difference! Congratulations to you for hanging on and being one of the few people on my Lose It who's still logging and losing! :D My list has shrunk considerably. :(

  2. Black coffee has actually been shown to be better for you than worse. It's what you put IN coffee that makes it bad (sugar, milk, honey, syrups).