Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Week 42, Day 295:

Ugh. Last week and even the week before I saw some jaw dropping weigh ins, which had me excited about hitting my goal within weeks. However, this week I've seen some terrible weigh ins... and although I'm attributing them to hormones, water retention, and high sodium (possibly muscle gain), it has me dejected. As of this morning's weigh in I have 7 pounds to go... which means I'll be pushing it to September before I hit my goal.


There was something about hitting this goal in August that appealed to me. Perhaps because its the start of a new school year for kids, end of summer, and I'm so close to finishing, I don't want to dawdle. But losing 7 lbs in a month is difficult and especially since my weekly weight loss has slowed down to a staggeringly low 1 lb a week.

I know I should be grateful. I'm still losing, I'm still eating right, I'm still exercising. None of that stops. It just reminds me that no matter how much effort I put into something, occasionally, for whatever reason, the universe seems fit to throw obstacles my way. Here's hoping that a miracle happens, that life gives me a break, and my scale decides to stop being a jerk.

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  1. Well, unless I'm mistaken, your Lose It activity says you're on schedule! Those months were my weight refuses to drop, really annoy me, but then it always changes the next month and I'll lose the weight.