Friday, August 27, 2010


Up until now I haven't posted what my starting weight nor my end weight were. As far as anyone knew its been a random number that I've picked, that seemingly had no specific purpose... oh, but it does....

As of today, I am no longer a 200 pound woman. This morning I weighed in at 198.6 lbs.

I can barely contain my excitement nor type into words the amount of pride I feel in myself. Even as I type now I find myself getting a "frog in my throat" and "teary eyed" thinking of the accomplishment I've made. And at the same time, excitement of the new changes I will be making very soon. There are alot of emotions. But before I start making plans and jumping into the "next project" (as I'm prone to do), I'd like to reflect on the past and relish in the present. For this is a moment in life that one rarely gets to experience... and I want to enjoy every minute.

First, here are the stats:
  • I've gone from 255 lbs to 198.6 lbs in 10 months and 15 days (319 days or a little over 45 weeks). That's an average of 1.2 lbs per week lost or 22% of my weight.
  • I've lowered my BMI (Body Mass Index) from 41.2 to 32.1 (that's 9.1 points)
  • I've lost a total of 9" on my waist, 7.5" on my hips, and 3.25" on my arm.
  • I've gone down 3 jean sizes (24W to an 18) and down to dress size 14.
  • I've gone from doing 2.0 miles (30 min) on the elliptical to running 3.0 miles (30 min) or 5 miles (45min).
  • I've eaten about a 1250 calorie diet each day with a nutrient schedule of 25% protein/25% fat/50% carb.
  • I have not eaten any fast food in the past 10 months (fast food defined as, Burger King, McDonald's, Raising Canes, Sonic, Taco Bell, etc.)
  • I stopped drinking Coke/Dr. Pepper etc. (except still have my one cup of coffee in the morning).
Next, here are the "thank you"s:
- Thank you to Schwin for the Schwin 430 Elliptical Trainer. It was the best purchase my husband and I ever made.
- Thank you to Netflix and more specifically Cindy Whitmarsh and her 10-minute Solutions Target Toning for Beginners. You made me very very sore.
- Lost It! App on the iPhone. I learned how to count calories, track nutrients, go on forums and discuss weight and exercise issues. Even made some friends along the way that have helped me to grow.
- My scale. You know, at first I didn't like you, but you're starting to grow on me.
- LSU and the lakes around their beautiful campus. Being 2 miles away from my car cause I thought "walking the lakes was a good idea" forced me to walk the rest. Nothing like being stranded by a lake to motivate you.
- The YMCA and all my friends/connections there. I enjoyed the guest passes I got which helped me change up my routine and try different things.
- All my blog readers. Yes, that means you! Knowing there's you guys out there reading these posts motivates me and lets me know I'm not on the road alone. Your comments and "likes" on Facebook have meant so much to me.
- My friends. More specifically, Christy. :-) Words can't express. Your motivation and pride in my undertaking has been essential to my success. Thanks for the long talks about weight, exercise, etc. Putting up with my "restaurant" choices and helping me out by cooking healthy meals for me. You truly are a friend for life.
- My daughter. For asking if we can do yoga together. For giving me time to workout when she'd much rather have me hang out with her. For not griping and complaining for making healthier, better choices. For chastising (reminding) me when I talk about craving unhealthy foods. Because I am being her role model. For her.
- My sister. For listening to me talk about it incessantly. For designing my tattoo. For giving me all her clothes! For reassuring me through rough times and celebrating with me on successes. Because even though I'm the "big sister" she has been my role model.
- My husband. I could not, have done this without you. You've been my rock. My witness. My shoulder to cry and lean on for 13 years. Thank you for believing in me when I said 10 months ago, "This is it, I'm gonna do it this time."
- For anyone I've forgotten. Just because you're not up here, doesn't mean I don't cherish you, I'm a scatterbrain! (so don't take it personally, lol)

So, where do I go from here!?!? Am I done? Is this it! Of course not!

There are many wonderful things that I'm excited to get started! As I've posted before I will be getting my first (and only!) tattoo over the Labor Day weekend as a reward. I will also be getting a physical from my Doctor who also happens to be a Sports Specialist. I'm doing that is because I'm also going to be starting the C25K program (Couch to 5K). Its a 9 week training program for joggers/runners. And I'll probably start the week of Labor Day. The doctor visit is to help assess that I'm physically fit to start this program as well as my next goals. Finally, the hard part is over and the harder part begins. I promised myself that I'd lose this weight, and not only that I'd lose it, but that I'd become a healthier more fit person. I see myself as a more fit and healthier person now. But there's still so much more to do. So new goals will be on the way (along with a website upgrade!)

I'll end with this thought... For those of you who are debating yourself... you've set a goal but you're not sure if you can do it. You can. It's a day by day strenuous experience achieving your goals, but ultimately the long term outcome is priceless. So when you doubt yourself, you feel depressed, unsure, or just lazy... remember that it all started with Day One.


  1. Congrats. I found your blog via the Lose It forum. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey!

  2. congratulations!!!

  3. I've been following along silently, but I am very proud of you. I've struggled with my weight and restarted a diet and exercise regimen in June. I am back in the 1xx's and working my way down to the upper end of a healthy BMI. You've done a great job, and I know it hasn't been easy! Can't wait to see your tattoo!