Monday, September 27, 2010

50 Weeks!

Well last week my blog was very sad and downtrodden.

After I wrote that post I went to the doctor later that day and found it that I had Pes Anserine Bursitis. Basically its a painful inflammation of a bursa sack in your knee (fluid that cushions). I got a shot of cortisone and was told to take Advil 3x a day and ice 3x a day. He said if I followed his orders and kept off it that I'd be good by the weekend to begin (SLOWLY!) retraining. I did as I was told, making sure to keep up with my Advil and ice. Friday I felt significantly better and over the weekend saw an incredible difference. But since I don't want the knee to become a chronic injury I decided to wait until Monday to give it a try. I've been doing my stretches per the paperwork the doctor sent me home with. This morning was great. I woke up with little to no pain. No more hobbling out of bed limping to the bathroom. I felt as my usual self. I hopped on the elliptical for about 15 minutes, low resistance and slow speed. Just enough to break sweat and get my heart rate going. And even though I know I could have gone later, I thought it best to cut it short of my normal 30 minutes.

Wow! What a world of difference. After very little exercise for the past 2 weeks, I was lethargic, not sleeping well, and all around cranky. Today I feel like a million bucks. I wish I could go outside and just exercise! I feel energized and ready for the day's challenges. (it also helps that a cold front came through and temps in the 60s this morning). This week Im going to split up my workouts and do 15 minutes in the morning and some in the afternoon. This'll help not give my knee too much at a time. And I can rest it in between. Switch up elliptical, walking, and biking. With walking I'd like to start timing myself to increase my speed. I'm going to stick to low impact for the next two weeks and make sure I'm fully recovered. Then I'll restart my C25K program and try to give it another go. Coincidentally, two weeks from now will make 1 year of healthy living for me. Thus far it's been 50 weeks as of today. :o)

As far as nutrition goes, since it was the only thing I had to focus on during the week I was very careful about what I ate. I only allowed myself some minor splurges during the weekend and even then it was healthy food splurges (like strawberries or reduced fat peanut butter!)

I didn't see any significant weight loss difference from last week. Although I'm happy I maintained during the two weeks of no exercise. This weekend I did see some 195/196 numbers and I'm happy about that. 195 = 60 lbs total. Plus when I hit 195 it'll be only 5 lbs til I start seeing 180ish numbers. Anything under 200 is exciting for me. I've started weighing myself in the middle of the day just because I'm excited that with clothes on and after meals I'm still seeing 199 numbers. I guess it still hasn't sunk in.

So now that I'm about 80% back with my knee and the weather has cooled, my motivation is high. October is almost here and that means the next three months of cool weather, holiday fun, and much more. I'm excited and anxious to really start the next "year" of my journey. Round 2!

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