Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doctor, Tattoo, & C25K!

Hello blog readers! I have some news, so bear with the long post.

Friday I did my checkup with my Doc. He's a sports specialist as well as family doctor, which makes him ideal for me. On their scale I was 204... I had my shoes an clothes on so I know that it was just that nonsense. But regardless the last time I saw him I was 235, so he was impressed to say the least. My pulse and blood pressure were in great range, no issues with my heart or lungs. He said that he wants me to go on Glucosamine for my joints just to pre-emptively help my body out while I start running. I still need to go to a lab to get my blood work done (cholesterol, thyroid check, blood sugar, etc.) Then he wants to see me six weeks into my program for another check up.

So Saturday was the day... My sister came with me for moral support and so that I could have a witness for my torture. She pointed out how quiet I was on the way over to the tattoo shop. :) I'm rarely a quiet person and usually when I get very quiet I'm either extremely nervous or really angry. The artist was great. She made me feel very relaxed and the whole process (other than the actual pain) was really well done. Below is a pic of the design. Trace, and then final. I'll take another pic after the swelling and healing is done. I'm really proud of my tattoo and its really kind of become a source of strength for me. Reminds me of how strong I am. I'm glad I did it.
Note to self: From now on give myself rewards that doesn't involve hour long tortuous pain.

Yesterday (Monday) I started Week 1, Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program (C25K). I have the app on my iPhone, which is great! You can include your play list from your iPod, it prompts you to run, walk, at the halfway point, etc. And its 3 days a week for 9 weeks.

I was shocked at how well I did. The first "run" for 60 seconds went by so fast and I didn't feel the least bit fatigued or breathless. I was smiling when I finished that first run. However, after 20 minutes of run/walk. I was tired. I got my heart rate up to 177 which is high for me and burned 410KC (calories) in 40 minutes, which is also high for me. It took a long time to get back to my resting too. My average heart rate was 145ish and it took me sitting down with a cold bottle of Powerade Zero for about 2 minutes until it started settling. This morning I'm sore in my hips, quads, and lower back. I expected soreness so I'm prepared for it. I did my morning elliptical regardless. I plan on still doing my elliptical two days a week so that I'm still working out on a daily basis.

This is a good thing! I'm changing up my workouts and giving my body something a little tougher to do. I don't love that I'm sore, but I like that I'm sore! My weigh ins have been nice. I'm definitely under the 199 mark. My weigh in this morning put me at 197.8. I've been seeing that 197 a couple of times this holiday weekend, so I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere around there. Since I started the new goals, I reset my program in my LoseIt! app as well as True Weight. It was bittersweet. I loved seeing my trend for the past 10 months of that straight line just going down from 255 to 199, but it's exciting to have a fresh slate.

Fall/Autumn is on the way! The mornings are getting cooler a change of seasons is on the way. Change is good.

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