Monday, September 20, 2010

Knee Troubles

Everything has been put on a brutal halt.

After my Monday run last week my knee got progressively worse. I took Ibuprofen for the pain, iced it down, and tried to stay off it Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning it felt slightly better so I tried to run another C25K set and ended up limping home. It was a bad idea. Thursday rolled around and to top off the knee pain was some serious sinus issues that made my ears ache. So I stayed home from work to rest. I tried making a Doc appt, but my Dr. was booked for the week.

Friday we had tickets to a concert and since it was my best friends birthday I wasn't going to miss it. So I popped some Advil, put on a knee brace and went out. This was dumb. I woke up Saturday morning at about 5:30am with serious knee pain (the Advil had worn off) and I was in tears waiting for the next dosage of Advil to kick in. Waking up to pain is about the worst experience ever, I wouldn't wish it on my enemies.

To make matters worse I was going to the LSU game Saturday. My only excuse for doing this is that tailgating is usually a "sit down" affair so I was lucky enough to be sitting most of the time. My friends were really sweet and understanding about my knee and helped out as much as possible. I was still in pain for most of it, but was able to endure and enjoy myself. Plus the Tigers won. :-)

Sunday I was supposed to work, but called my boss and told him there was no way I could. I stayed home, on the couch, and watched TV all day.

This morning I had mild pain. So again I took some Advil. At this point my knee has been hurting for a week and I have needed Advil just to be able to endure the pain. I can't walk without limping and I can't stand on it for very long without starting to feel it throbbing. I'm not sure what I did on last weeks run that injured it so badly. I have a doctor's appointment at 3pm today.

Besides Monday's run, Wednesdays limp around the block, and Friday night singing and dancing - I haven't exercised. This is killing me. I feel sick, lethargic, rundown, and just all around crappy. Its like I can feel my metabolism slowing down more and more each day. And beyond that my motivation is in the toilet. With being so lazy and such low motivation I feel the urge to eat terribly. I crave ice cream, chips, fried foods, etc. Not only does this solidify NOT attempting C25K again, but I may have permanently damaged my knee, which could make future exercising more difficult. The highlight in all of this is that at least I am eating well, continuing to track my calories, and I've lost a 1/2" off my hips from last month (measured 9/15). My weight hasn't changed, unfortunately, but I am holding steady.

I can't handle this pain. I'm not sure how football players, runners, etc. put up with it. It brings down my mood. Make me cranky, less extroverted. Physically my body wants to lay around and do nothing, but emotionally I want to be active and have that energy that I did before last week. I hope the Doctor has a miracle up his sleeve. :*(


  1. I hope you feel better soon; having an injury like that really does suck the life outta someone! Hang in there!

  2. I just saw your Twitter feed in your sidebar. Bursitis. Ugh. :| I really feel for you and I hope this isn't going to be an issue for you. Running really is hard on the knees which is one of the reasons I keep avoiding the C25k. Hopefully you can build up the muscles around the knee to the point that your bursitis won't flare up. I understand waking up in pain. That happened when I hurt my shoulder. I went to bed while it was merely sore and I woke up in horrible pain. It was terrible! Feel better soon, I am so sorry you're hurting.