Monday, October 4, 2010


Short post.

Its week 51 and that means one more week until I hit one year of healthy living. :)

Had a good week and a great weekend. All week I was back in the routine of eating healthy lunches and dinners. The weekends as always are difficult but I did relatively well, I think. On Friday I ended up doing 3.2 miles on the elliptical in the morning and then in the afternoon I left work early and came home. The weather was so beautiful I took the dog for a walk. About 30 minutes in she was very tired so I dropped her off at home and kept on going. Which ended up totaling about 3.75 miles. That evening my daughter wanted to go to the mall to looks for some shoes and clothes, we ended up walking the length twice. SO in all on Friday I walked roughly 7 miles. Whew! Then Saturday morning I got up and started mowing the lawn, which was about two hours. I must be a glutton for punishment, ha! Sunday I let my body rest.

It felt so good to get exercise and my knee had no pain/ This morning I restarted Day 1 Week 1 of C25K. It went well and my knee started to have a dull pain at the very end and especially afterwards when I was stretching, but I took Advil, iced it. And now at the office I'm making sure to rest it as much as I can. Tomorrow I'll take the day off and perhaps just do some yoga to make sure that I give my knee the rest it needs for Day 2.

I'm determined to complete this program. Fat girls CAN run. My body will adapt.

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