Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ups & Downs of Traveling

Hello all and sorry for the delay in posting. Early this week I was on a camping trip and then in Vegas...
At the Venetian Hotel.

Here are some updates:

I've lost a half an inch on my waist and hips from last month and 1/4" on my arm (measured on 10/15th). So that puts me at a total of 9.5" lost on my waist, 8.5" on my hips, and 3.5" on my arm. I'm glad I switched to monthly measuring since the weekly was going so slowly, now I'm seeing significant changes and that makes me giddy. Last week I had an extremely great week as I was under my calories, very good on my nutrient percentages, and completed Week 2 of C25K with no issues. I lost 2lbs compared to the week before and was able to fit into some size 16s that my sister gave me a while back (certain brand names). Overall I was pleased with my choices and performance.

This week is a different story...

Traveling is difficult. Regardless of how much you prepare it's never easy to eat right and travel(or to exercise). When flying there's snacks everywhere and you have to "eat quick." And then you're not entirely sure of the caloric or nutritional content of what you're eating. Plus when you travel its "vacation" (in this case it was both work and vacation), so part of your brain says "Who cares! Enjoy yourself!" I brought my workout clothes and ended up never using them, mainly because I couldn't find time (or make time). The upside is that there was a bunch of walking for this particular trip. Airports, streets, walking through casinos... so at least I wasn't lounging at a beach all day. With long flights, busy days and nights, by the time I got back I wasn't at all in my "workout routine" again (and I missed a week in training for C25K). Although I knew I needed to work out. I didn't. So needless to say...

I feel guilty for not having utilized my time more wisely.
I feel guilty for allowing myself to just give in.
I feel guilty for not having more self-control.

I came back Wednesday and weighed in Thursday morning. I haven't posted my weight cause I feel embarrassed. All that hard work, all that labor... could I have gained that much weight in the course of a week? I'm ashamed...

Goals for this upcoming week:
Wake up for morning workouts!
Complete Week 3 of C25K (3 days)
Monitor calories and nutrients in LoseIt! app keep calories at 1250 per day and nutrients at 25% protein/25% fat/50% carbs.
1 yoga workout (60 min)
1 strength training workout (60 min)

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do just fine. I know what you mean about vacations although I'm hoping my next out of town trip will be okay since we're planning another hike like we did on our last vacation. That's always such a huge calorie burner and the way I eat on vacation, I'm sure I'll need it. ;)

  2. We all have set backs at times and get a little slack on our workouts or diets here and there. But the important thing is to take note (as you've done) and get yourself back on track. No worries, it happens to us all! Jump back on track and keep your head up! =)