Monday, November 29, 2010

Are you Back on Track?

Thanksgiving morning I walked with the family around the lakes for a 3.5 mile walk. We call it our annual "Turkey Trot." I spent most of the day Thanksgiving cooking, cleaning, etc. And of course I ate way to much food that night, but definitely worth it. Overall, I'll say it was moderate and I didn't feel the least bit guilty afterwards.

Friday I wasn't able to go outside for a run because of the rainy cold weather, but spent most of the day cleaning up, taking down Thanksgiving decor, and putting up Christmas decor. I felt tired and my feet were sore at the end of the day, so I know I was active. I ate fairly well for most of the day despite a trip to PF Changs that night. Which was yummy!

Saturday I went for my 25 minute jog on the C25K program. It was sunny and cool and beautiful outside. I felt like I did very well and was super excited that I finished Week 6. Also watched what I ate and kept my calorie intake under 1250 calories. I've found that when I eat a healthy breakfast and a moderate lunch, I can prepare myself for dinner plans that go awry. In this case, pizza.

Sunday I hopped on the elliptical and did a 3.3 mile run. It's amazing getting on the elliptical after running outside. My heart rate is normally an average of 140-150ish when I run, with a high of 170s. On the elliptical is peaks at 155 and average is 130s. Next time I'll go for incline instead of distance. Again, I had a healthy breakfast and lunch and that way I was able to enjoy dinner at one of my favorite seafood places.

As of this morning I'm finished Week 7 - Day 1 of C25K and feel great. I ran for a full 25 minutes which was my first time running that long in the morning. I could tell I was tired and a bit lethargic, but I feel great afterwards. Today I feel like I have energy. I love morning workouts.

How'd you do on Thanksgiving? Did you workout? Did you eat over 2,000 calories?


It's not about the one day of Thanksgiving gluttony and indulgence, it's all about The Bounce Back. What did you do the next day? Did you eat well on Black Friday? Did you get any exercise in? Perhaps simply walking around the stores all day? What about Saturday? Sunday?

Don't fret! The time is now. Get back on track! Don't let the one day or one weekend of holiday bliss let you're entire regiment go down the drain. Get Angry! Make Choices! Choose Health!

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