Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making Choices - Choose Your Own Adventure

A big "Hello" from Marilyn... (my Halloween costume)
A quick status update:
This morning I saw my lowest weigh in: 192.4lbs which puts me about 7 lbs away from my first goal of 185lbs. It's exciting to see such weight loss especially after I had some parties and dinners to go to. I'm on a repeat of Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program (C25K). It has 3 minute intervals and I have been having labored breathing during them, so I want to make sure I master it before moving on to 5 minute intervals. I've held to my yoga and strength training and I'm actually enjoying the small amount of routine before chaos begins. Next week I fly off to Seattle and I'm making myself mentally prepared to workout on vacation as well as eat well. So with that in mind...

This blog post is about making choices. With the upcoming holidays and travel its very easy for me to get anxious and scared of food, parties, etc. I also have a wedding coming up and that makes me nervous as to how I'll look in the pictures. The way I get through it is to take comfort in the fact that I have the choice.

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Remember how fun it was to "make choices"? Remember how they changed with each different choice you made? Remember the consequences that went with them? Remember how you would read one and then go back and choose the other?

It's Joe's birthday and he's invited you and all your friends to the brand new pizza place called "Big Fat Tony's Pizza." All different crusts, new inventive toppings and there's a reason Big Fat Tony is well, Big & Fat. Rumor has it this pizza is delicious. You've had a rough week, not been able to fit in exercise, last week was a co-workers birthday so you treated them to lunch at a fancy Italian place, and today you've been moderate, but you're concerned about your calorie intake for the day (and for the week). But its been a stressful day, you skipped breakfast, and Joe is a dear friend who's birthday only comes around one a year.

You arrive at that pizza place... Everyone discusses ordering multiple pizzas to share. You see a salad that looks moderately good. The dishes come out. You ate your salad, but boy that pizza looks good... and it's Joe's birthday... and a friend says, "Have one slice! It won't kill you."

Choice time.

I can choose that piece of yummy delicious, cheesy, greasy, pepperoni filled pizza which will make my taste buds fire with excitement and my brain will secrete "pleasure" hormones letting me no how good it will be... and then what am I left with... guilt, displeasure in myself, and stomach cramps later that evening.


I can choose to eat the salad. Politely tell my friend, "No I'm fine, thanks." Enjoy my friends company and finish the dinner satisfied (albeit not pleased). And then what I'm I left with... sense of accomplishment, lower calories that day, a feeling of self-worth.

What do you do?

Obviously... life's not that easy, there are many variables. Perhaps you choose to eat one piece, or a half a piece, or run an extra 15 minutes the next day. The point is you have the choice. Healthy living isn't a restrictive diet, it's not a hard core boot camp a la Biggest Loser style, it isn't prison! Little choices can lead to big choices. Instead of ice cream every night, have it every other night. Instead of taking the elevator walk up one flight of stairs and take the elevator the rest of the way. (maybe the next week make it two flights) Instead of eating potato chips for a snack, try some nuts. It doesn't have to be drastic choices. The small choices will eventually become bigger and bigger, weaving you down the Choose your Own "Health" Adventure path.

Healthy living is making choices that will ultimately benefit you in the end. And there's confidence and power in that. You have the ability to eat whatever you want, to exercise whenever you want, and to live however you want. The choice is yours! How exciting is it to know that you are in control of your body, not the media, not the fast food restaurants! You are in control!

I choose on a daily basis to fill my body with nutrient filled foods. I choose to exercise because not only does it keep me fit and thin, but it makes me feel better. I choose to make choices based on long-term goal and not short "pleasure filled" moments. I choose to live my life.

Get Angry. Make choices. Choose Health!

What choices will you make today?

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  1. What a great costume! Yesterday I extended week 3 of the Couch to 5k for the same reason you mentioned. I may repeat the entire week, I'm not sure yet. The breathing issue is really frustrating me but my husband assures me it will get better and he went through the same thing.