Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Seattle, Measurements, #NovGTD, & Tough Questions

Sorry ahead of time for the long post...

The trip was a BLAST! And a wonderful vacation for me and my family. We did all the usual tourist things... The SpaceNeedle, Pacific Science Center, Pike's Place Market, Music Museum. The whole trip including tons of walking and most of it uphill so I had sore hamstrings most of the week. Plus I utilized the hotel's fitness center while I was there for my Week 4 of C25K. I'm glad I repeated Week 3 and those 3 min intervals, cause Week 4 went smoothly. There was only one 5 minute interval(s) and I felt like I handled it really well. (Although I ran on a treadmill, which I've heard is easier than on the ground.)
As far as food goes, I pretty much ate what I wanted (Seattle fudge, yum!), but made good decisions when I could. I tried to keep breakfast light at the hotel buffet with just cereal and fruit (and of course coffee), but for lunch and dinner I ate all the Pacific seafood I could. I think I ate my weight in clam chowder. Ha!
Overall, I was pleased with myself on the trip. Its difficult to not let oneself go during vacations, but I felt I allowed myself some freedoms and a good balance. Here's a pic from the Pacific Science Center and their Butterfly Exhibit which was the most beautiful experience.
This week:
As of Tuesday I have been healthy living for 400 days! Of course my weigh ins were higher from after the trip. I'm sure its water retention, bloating, etc. I'm waiting for my daily weigh ins to level out.
What's bothersome is my monthly measurement (on Monday). I didn't really see and difference, in fact I gained some inches in some places.
So I'm being brave here... here's from August til now:

Anyone have any thoughts on why I'm not seeing some results here...

Regardless, I'm back on track with my routine. Eating well and conquering Week 5 of C25K which is all 5 min intervals, thus far I'm doing fairly well with it. I'm up to 2 miles a run and only walking (intervals) for half of it (30 minutes).

For those of you who follow my Twitter you may have seen me posting about "November Going the Distance" (#NovGTD) for more information Click here. Basically I'm attempting to run 30 miles and bike 20 miles this month. Thus far I'm doing fairly well, although I may have to throw in one or two non-C25K runs to accomplish. Luckily I have two days off for Thanksgiving which means opportunity to exercise. Yes, I will exercise on Thanksgiving. What better day to do it than a day of gluttony.

Thoughts & Questions:
Since September I really haven't lost as much as I hoped I would by now. My average in August 2010 was a pound a week and its slowing down to a 1/2 a pound a week. It's very frustrating and I'm scared I won't make my 185 goal by December 31st (I was really shooting for Dec 11th - my bff's wedding).

Which begs the question... should I set my goals on weight? I'm struggling with canceling the whole idea. Thus far (the past year) it's worked well for me, but mainly cause I was able to hit them with no problem. However, as many of my "fitbloggers" tell me, its not about the number more about health. Eventually with lower calories and exercise I'll get there... but when? Should I give myself a deadline so that I push myself to meet it? Or should I change my focus to just my daily/weekly routine? I'm not sure I have an answer for all these questions. My inclination is to stick with what I'm currently doing and evaluate at year end. Besides it will be New Year's Resolution time at that point.

Meanwhile I continue to hold steadfast and try my best. Maintaining focus and courage towards healthy eating and purposeful exercise. I am capable of success.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Seattle. :) I love the seafood up here, especially the fresh salmon, crab and oysters! Yes, the treadmill is easier than road work but it's still good that you got some running in while you were away. So, your week 4 of the Couch to 5k has one five minute interval? Mine has two, or maybe I misread what you wrote. My weight loss slowed down for several weeks recently then picked back up again. Maybe you're going through a lull. I've also noticed that while some of my measurements have progressed, some have halted for now. I don't know what's up with that. I say just keep doing what you've been doing because you've had fantastic results!