Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Good News & The Bad News

Bad News:

  • I still have shin splints. Went for a run yesterday, afterwards my left shin was in serious pain. Iced it and Advil and I felt better. So I still have some healing to do before I'm able to restart C25K.

  • Still suffering from a nasty head cold which knocks out my morning workouts.

  • I've been over my calorie budget for the past week because of dress rehearsal dinner, wedding, illness food cravings, office xmas party, etc.

  • My weigh-ins have been higher than I'd like.

Good News:

  • Because of the shin splints, I can use the elliptical. I miss running, but at least this is low impact and I'm not completely dead in the water.

  • Even with the cold, I feel better after I exercise. Also, I can workout in the afternoon and especially since I'll be using the elliptical, pretty much any time of day, rain or shine, I should be good to go. No excuses.

  • Today and tomorrow are always opportunities for me to make better choices. Those events are done and that means that I can keep looking forward towards the next day.

  • Took my monthly measurements today and lost an inch on my waist and an inch on my hips.

As much as I'm disappointed with my lack of exercise this past week and over abundance of food it's one of those situations where I look at it and go: It could be worse. In years past, I was hitting fast food restaurants like there's no tomorrow and/or enjoying buffets with plate after plate and/or snacking on chips and ice cream in the evening.

Now I'm lamenting cause I can't go for a run. Watching what I eat and knowing when to say no. Weighing in everyday and monitoring how I'm doing. I'm thinner, healthier, and happier. And that in itself is a triumph.

So even though it looks like I won't complete #DecGTD (Click here) or that I may cut it close to hitting 185lbs by December 31st... I won't let it affect my motivation and drive to keep going. I've done well, and I'm going to keep moving forward. One day at a time.

Picture of me last night compared to July 2010.

Same dress (size 18). 188lbs (size 12) vs 209lbs (size 18).
Oh and, SHMILY. (Happy 10th Anniversary, Baby)

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