Monday, December 27, 2010

It takes a village...

I'm sure you've heard the old adage "It takes a village to raise a child." And while we attribute this to mainly children, we forget that as adults it takes a "village" to help us keep going too.

This morning I weighed in 3 pounds heavier than last week and of course I'm sure it's all attributed to salt and digestive issues, etc. etc. etc. But of course immediately began the guilting process which included thinking of how many workouts I could do this week, planning out my meals and lamenting that I had kinda let myself go "hog wild" during the holidays.

But this morning I was greeted by some wonderful e-mails from my LoseIt! friends:

I weighed in and gained 3.0 lbs.

SW: The holidays suck sometimes, we're on the holiday roller coaster soon to end :)

EM: I bet that was the best tasting 3 lbs ever :). Stay positive

TM: You'll get it to come off quickly. You're just retaining right now. Keep to your plan and drink lots of water! :-)

DubyaWife: Thanks guys & gal! Ya'll are the best!

And now I'm reassured. I feel comforted and invigorated. There are those out there who are there beside me to help me. And while I have close family and friends who see me everyday and walk the path with me, I also have far away friends who are going through the same situation as me. I've opened up my journey to both help them and help me. I'm part of their health journey and they are a part of mine.

They understand. They sympathize. They care.

Sure it's just a small comment. But its a small comment that's worth a blog post.

So a big thank you to my LoseIt! friends, Tweeples, #fitblog crew, and all the others via Facebook and other social networking sites.

It takes a village to help motivate me.

(P.S. I had my first small burger and small fry yesterday from Burger King in over a year of not eating fast food. Last night and today, regretting every minute of it. Never again.)


  1. It is amazing how that burger and fried changes your outlook, btw, lots of sodium in those darn things. You have learned over this time that there are ups and downs, gain and losses. You are doing so well, but they are right, a small bump in the road to healthier you!

  2. I somehow missed that you'd gained 3 pounds. I did see some gain but frankly, when I see you gain I don't worry as much about it because you're very good about checking yourself. :)

  3. Oh, I can almost feel how upset and gross your tummy must have felt after eating at BK. I know that I haven't been on my weight loss journey for a year yet and greasy foods are not welcome in my tummy. Best of luck moving closer to your goals in 2011! You CAN do it!!!