Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Goals

Let's check the New and Improved and Updates Goals Chart (Click here for the goals chart from September 2010)

Here are the goals:
- 15 lbs (185) by December 31st, 2010 - COMPLETED (Overweight BMI)
- 5 lbs (180) by February 28, 2011
- 5 lbs (175) by April 30, 2011
- 5 lbs (170) by June 30, 2011
- 5 lbs (165) by August 31, 2011
- 5lbs (160) by October 31, 2011
- 5 lbs (155) by December 31, 2011 (Healthy BMI)
- Complete the C25K program (9 weeks) - successfully running 5K (on Week 5) & Run first 5K in under 30 minutes (signed up for March 2011)

Rewards (in order):
- Gym Membership/Personal Training Sessions - COMPLETED (purchased PS3 Sports Active 2.0 instead)
- $10 towards Academy Sports
- $10 towards Academy Sports
- Gym Membership/Personal Training Sessions
- $10 towards Academy Sports
- $10 towards Academy Sports
- Hiking/Camping Trip
- 1-hour Hot Stone Massage (BumbleLane)

In total its 30 lbs in a year (for a total of 100 lbs by end of Stage 2). I gave myself one year (Oct 12 2009 - 2010) for Stage 1 (and I ended up completing that in 10 months). I have multiple reasons for extending the deadlines and breaking them down into smaller victories. First, it has been harder and harder to lose a pound a week, I've been slowly declining over this past year and I have a feeling the trend will continue. Second, I want to focus on C25K, strength, and flexibility training a little more this year. Third, it sets me up for success. 30 lbs in a year is very very doable. Giving myself the little victories helps me to feel like I'm going somewhere.

And so begins the journey, it will be long, hard, and tiresome. But everyday I bring myself one step closer to success, everyday I'm working towards a more healthy me. It all begins with one step just like it did over a year ago. I'm ready for the challenge.

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