Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Experiment

Recap: As some of you know beginning on December my left shin started giving me severe pain while running (training for a 5K), so I stopped running regularly and switched to elliptical. At the end of December I purchased the EA Sports Active 2.0 for the PS3 and also started doing the workouts on a daily basis. The result: more pain and too much too quickly. My shin really started to hurt, and my body was weak, sore, and just tired.

Last week I took a "week off". It started out as doing it for some rest and recuperation, but ended up becoming a little experiment. I felt like I needed to remind myself of the way I "used to live" and see if its really as glorious or horrific as I remember.

Last week was interesting to say the least but here are a few notes:

Don't eat Fast Food: I haven't had fast food in months and decided to give it a go. Sure it tasted great, but the after effects resulted in a queasy stomach, indigestion, and being bloated for two days. Not to mention a serious case of "bathroom time." Not worth the calories or the after effects when there are other healthy options (Subway, smoothies, etc.)

Sweets & Carbs: The more you eat. The more you'll want. As soon as I reintroduced these into my diet my body CRAVED that quick energy. And boy, was it a rush. In some cases had too many sweets and carbs that made me feel like I had taken speed and/or acid. I had the shakes and felt light headed. And of course about an hour or two later the energy wears off and I felt tired and then craved... more sweets & carbs!

Workouts = More Energy: I know it seems like a weird equation. But they really do. As each day of "no workout" went on I could feel my body slow down. My energy level lowered and I felt like I wanted to nap everyday. And what a vicious cycle that can be, not having energy to want to worktout yet needing to do it to gain the energy.

Caffeine: Just like the sweets & carbs, I craved it more and more and slowly started wanting more and more to give me that energy boost I needed. The result became headaches from either too much, or my body craving it after reintroducing into my diet.

Sleep: Trouble going to sleep. Restless night. Night sweats. Tired mornings.

The good and bad of this little experiment is this: I probably gained a little weight or a week of "potential loss" but gained so much useful information. I didn't like the way I felt this past week. I felt lazy, un-energetic. Even depressed.

This reemphasizes my reasons for living a healthy life is not just weight loss. It helps in so many facets of my life and makes not only my days better, but collectively the weeks, months, and years. I smile more, I'm more confident, my body is functioning at 100%.

I feel better when I live healthier. Period. End of story. Case closed.


  1. Great job! When ever we eat fast food we typically skip the soft drink and fries. You can enjoy a burger and keep the carb/sugar content low. Whenever I add fries and a drink the digestive problems hit!

    That shows me that the most likely cause of my own discomfort is not the greasy aspect, but more so the higher carb content (especially with the bread/fries/drink).

    This is also confirmed for me when I eat pizza. Eat the whole thing (crust and all) stomach discomfort, when I only eat the toppings (grease and all) no discomfort.

    For me I think it points to a few things:

    1) Carbohydrates could be the cause of most digestive discomfort because of the higher sugar intake.

    2) Gluten (wheat) could also be problematic because of the nutrient absorption problems it causes.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for the input & Thanks for reading!