Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet DubyaKid

Meet DubyaKid. This is my beautiful daughter. I've written about her here in there in my blog but never really delved into who she is, how I affect her, and more so, how she affects me.

Of course having a child is a life-changing event, but after 10 (almost 11 years) I'd like to think I'm getting the hang of it. And 10 years ago (almost 11) she was a very different person than she is today. Just like ten years ago I was a very different person than I am today.

Little did I know that that little person would have such an impact on me and on my life. Today, she's a smart kid, loves to read, loves anything in the fantasy genre, and has an extremely kind heart. But before I get all mushy and braggy about my wonderful daughter... let's focus this post more on how my lifestyle change... my health journey... my choices affect her.

Kids love junk food. They love sweets and chips and pizza. So do I! And as adults we can eat it everyday if we want to... but when you have kids... we monitor these things. We withhold these things. Why? Cause they learn from you. They watch you.

Kids imitate you.

I can only imagine how my daughter feels having seen a "mom before" and now a "mom after" and what the impact has been. How crazy is it to think that years from now she'll remember the hard work, the effort mom did? And not only that, but also, the growing confidence in me.

My everday choices that have helped me to gain will power- I'm showing her its possible. I'm teaching her little things, "let's go for a walk", "let's climb that jungle gym", "i'm going to exercise... These little moments are making memories that will last a lifetime with her.

She'll remember those pancakes, with egg whites, and strawberries for her birthday breakfast. She'll know the love that went into making them, and how they tasted delicious (and healthy!).

She'll know that change comes from within. She's seen it in action. The hard work that goes into making something possible. She knows it works and she knows that she has a support system to do that.

And she'll be a stronger person, a stronger woman for it. She'll have witnessed that strength, that will, that sheer force that comes from an internal need to change... to grow.

I'm giving her a precious gift. An experience that will last with her. She may choose to use this information or not, but ultimately she'll have seen self-love in action. She is witnessing a person love themselves inside and out.

And above all, she's seeing that someone loves her so much that they are willing to torture themselves everyday to make sure they live a long healthy life. After all, wouldn't you want to see this face everyday for as long as you can?

I do.


  1. You're daughter is absolutely gorgeous! It must feel good to know that what you're doing is also for her. I don't have children, unfortunately, but I do think about how my weight loss has affected my husband. I want to be around longer for him and be able to be out there doing things with him.

  2. Her baby face is still clearly recognizable as the one and only her. I am again thankful and proud of the Dubya Family Two that made it the Dubya Family Three!!!! Love youse guys!

  3. A beautiful post about a clearly beautiful girl - you each lucky to have the other

  4. She is beautiful! You are setting an awesome example! I love your sidebar pictures. I am at the beginning of my journey and your pictures are very inspiring!

  5. After looking at those pancakes, I can not believe your daughter is 23!

    Math was never my best subject.

  6. She's beautiful. I love this tribute to you daughter. :)