Sunday, January 9, 2011


I can see it now. I was headed for failure.

Last week included 30 minute elliptical everyday (Monday through Thursday) and weight training everyday. I burned over 1,800 calories and worked every muscle of my body (thighs, arms, etc.) without giving days of rest in between. I kept myself to ONLY eating 1250 calories (while eating very nutrient rich foods). Which means I had net of 800 calories per day.
All sounds good doesn't it? Well, that's where you're wrong.

I'm recovering from a shin injury and foolishly I pushed and pushed and pushed and have probably further injured myself. And to go even further I didn't give myself days of rest in between strength training which is a serious exercise no-no. Emotionally I'm heart-broken. I feel worn down and I can feel the motivation starting to slip. I can feel failure in the horizon.

So with this blog post I'm officially saying it. No exercise for one week. Period.
And on top of that, to also help my body heal. No "lower calories" for a week.
Shock. Disappointment. Let down. These are some of my emotions right now.

But as I feel those I also need to remind myself that rest is just as important a part of health as all the other stuff. And I've neglected it. What were my reasons? Well, I didn't want to disappoint anyone... I didn't want to give up... To stop for one week and have that turn into another and another and another. And not to mention gaining weight. 70 lbs would slowly start to climb back on... I would feel horrid after finding out that I didn't give my all, that I started a goal but didn't work 100% to complete.

It has to be perfection or nothing... right?

HA! Have I not been reading my own blog!?!

It's not about PERFECTION! It never is. We're human, we make mistakes, we have injuries, we have let-downs. We even have times (such as this) where perhaps we need to take a step back and just be. Allow that goal to pause for a moment, while we take a breath, regroup, and push harder the next time.

Here is such of one of those moments.

My body is saying, rest. Emotionally, I'm tapped out. I've pushed too hard and I'm denying myself to really just "be". This week. One week, just one week. One week of rest.

And my fear of judgement from others... Well, in the nicest way possible - to those who feel I SHOULD NOT take a break and allow myself a "breather" to you I say this:

Fuck off.


  1. You should take a break. Feed yourself, rest and heal. I personally have a big problem with people who are constantly and frantically exercising and feel like they always have to be "on" every single day and they agonize about any little bite of food they take. Living like that would drive me insane. I have no doubt you'll be back at it once you're feeling better so don't be too hard on yourself. :)

  2. You're not eating enough if you're working out as hard as you are. Your body needs fuel. You want to be losing fat, not muscle. Be careful you're not starving yourself.