Thursday, February 24, 2011

500 Days - A Day in the Life of Dubya Wife

Today marks 500 days of living healthy.

(See above ticker & link to first post).

As a tribute to this momentous occasion. I present to you...


The following events take place between 7:00 AM
...and whatever time it is that I finally decide to go to bed.

As you can see I'm a morning person...

Time for my morning weigh in.
Seeing those low numbers again! :-)

Time for my morning run!
(When you see it... you'll freak... hint: bottom left corner.)

That's right.
Nothing says class like dressing up a statue duck/goose in a Mardi Gras outfit.

My battleground.

Exhausted after my run...

Time for an after-workout snack. Eggs!

I only eat the egg whites, need the yummy protein.
Time for a shower!

No, you can't watch, sicko!
Now get out!

Dressed and ready for work.

Ugh. Some shin pain. Better ice that up.

Got the GreatClothingXchange packages to mail today.
Now off to the office!

Oops, forgot something...

Gotta feed the dog.
Hiya, Cocoa!
Ok, now off to work!

Is that Lady Gaga?
No, it's me in bug-eye sunglasses!
I'm hip, I know it.

What the hell is this guy trying to do!?!

People astound me with their lack of driving skills.

At the office, time to fill up the jug.
Yep, I'm gonna drink this whole thing today.

Time for breakfast.

Om nom nom nom

What do I do at work all day, you ask?
Mess with this stuff.

Time for a snack! Brussels Sprouts!

Oh Brussels, you have procured such a wonderful and delicious vegetable!
Who knew little cabbage that smell so bad, could taste so good?
You did, though, Brussels, you did.

Now time for the vitamins... (from left to right)
Probiotics, Vitamin C, Anti-Knock-Up Pill, Women's One-A-Day MultiVitamin, Fiber, Glucosamine, & Fish Oil

Gotta hydrate! Only 32oz down thus far.

I have an entire stack of these at my office.
They're quick, simple, and yummy... and it even comes with a little mint.

Will this day never end... Curse you, work gods!

Time for another snack... Crunchy apple!
An apple a day keeps the pounds away!

Wait, if I'm napping... who's taking the picture!?!?!

I got all excited to eat my Vanilla Chobani, it's like pudding!

And then saw that the expiration date was Feb 12th and it tasted funny.

Needless to say, I was a sad panda.

Ostrich Jerky to the rescue!
That's right, OSTRICH & beef!

DubyaWife: Controlling the Ostrich population one jerky at a time.

It's quitting timez!

Dubyas reunited! ♥

Ah Izzo's Illegal Burrito.
A frequent dinner place for the Dubyas.

"DubyaKid! Don't eat so fast, you'll get a belly ache!"

"Dubya! Don't encourage her!"


I spent the evening making crafts for The Great Clothing Exchange winners.

Pretty flowers for each beautiful person.

"You are beautiful."
"-♥- DubyaWife"

Late night snack of Chocolate Cheerios and Skim Milk.
I ates them all.

Good night, Bloggerverse!
To another 500 days of Healthy Living and many more...


  1. yayyy!!! What a big achievement :) yay for us Louisiana Bloggers!

  2. I love this post concept! great job on your 500 days!! Now I really want izzo's :)

  3. Well, hot dang! This is so much better than going to the movies. And cheaper, too! Now I'm off to search for that Ostrich Jerky. Oh, and those steamy brussels. I'm gonna buy those! Thank you for the eating-inspiration. :)

  4. HA! What a great first visit to your blog! LOVED peeking into your day, and I'LL BE BACK! (Of course said like Arnold...)