Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#FebGTD (Going the Distance) & Doctor's Orders

Background: A fav blogger of mine FatGirlvsWorld does a monthly "Going the Distance" challenge in which people sign up for "mileage" to complete for that month. Every month has a theme and this one (being Valentine's Day) was about loving yourself. Here's a love letter to myself:

Dear DubyaWife,

Yesterday was tough for you. One of the hardest days you've had to deal with recently. You were told by a doctor that you had a stress fracture and therefore can't train to run the 5K you hoped to do. You were told to "take it easy."

I don't blame you for crying. I don't blame you for feeling helpless and sad about the whole thing. You've worked hard to get where you are and this was something you really wanted. Now you've been told you have to wait. That's tough for you.

Not to mention the hurt and pain from hearing the doctor say stress fractures are common "in people who are not athletic who start training". Ouch. What a tough thing to hear. A reminder of your past life and the mistakes you made. They came back to bite you in the ass.

Here's what I think though...

You've lost over 75 lbs. Most of it with a more active lifestyle and healthy eating.
You've become a stronger person by truly loving yourself more. By caring more for your body.
You've proven to yourself that you can do it. You have staying power. You're able to get through the good and the bad.

This is just another hurdle in your life long goal.

You will heal.
You will run again.
You will reach your goals.

Meanwhile this is another challenge to find ways to continue your journey, perhaps with alternate methods. And you will succeed.

You are a beautiful person, DW. Inside and Out.

Remember yesterday and the important lesson it taught you.
Remember your inner strength.
Remember to love yourself. Everyday.

Loving you always,

P.S. Drink more milk. Doctor's orders.

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  1. You should definitely listen to yourself, cause you speak the truth :) Love you, sis. <3 Wish I could be there to support you. I miss you immensely.