Friday, March 25, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Following Me

1. I'm funny. And I don't mean "knock-knock joke", quirky funny. I mean sarcastic, brutal, offensive funny. I'm funnier than a pack of weasels in heat...
... than a bear on stilts...
... than a bunch of French monkeys at a Mexican fiesta...
too obscure?2. No ads! This site is free to me, and free to you. No clutter, no pushing alternate agendas, no trying to promote merchandise or linkage. Free! Free! Free!

3. I love food! I love to eat! I'm a southerner gal born and bred, and food down here is a BIG DEAL. Let me repeat that... we center OUR LIVES around good food. I'll be damned if I miss out on crawfish, shrimp, oyster, and crab season because I want to eat rabbit food to lose a couple of pounds. Life's too short, food is way too good and I shouldn't sacrifice one or two meals here and there cause I became obsessed with healthy eating. I try to maintain a careful balance and allow myself the enjoyment of good food. Cause life's to short to eat celery.

4. Accessible. You can find me on my blog. Via twitter. And for some of you lucky folk on Facebook. And I respond. I read every e-mail that comes to me, every comment, every tweet, every post. I'm a nerd/geek and can't help it. I must be plugged into these applications at all times. (Or my robot overlord will disintegrate me)

5. I'm beautiful, inside and out. Just look how pretty I am (and humble ha!). I have a kind, compassionate, empathetic personality that shows through my blog, my stat updates, and tweets. I don't consider myself better than anyone because of my journey, or by any means more educated. I love to help others and genuinely have a caring personality. And it shows.

6. K.I.S.S
No not the band... no not the chocolate (did someone say chocolate?!?) and quit puckering your lips you perv.
I mean the phrase Keep It Simple Stupid.
I like to go for the most effective, easiest solution to everything.
Need protein, egg whites. Easy to cook, easy to store, easy to eat.
Need to work out, walk around the neighborhood. Cheap, accessible and anyone can do it.
No need to have a detailed strict nutrition and exercise plan.
Keep it Simple... stupid.

7. Informative. I try my best to give you, the blog reader content that is helpful, educational, and reusable. Occasionally I make huge gaffs in my blog posts (ahem, like this one) and give you something that is nothing but self-promotion. But for the most part I've done many that are quite informative. Take a look:
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8. I'm living proof. I didn't use a gym, I didn't go to a nutritionist, or any type of weight loss program (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.) I used resources found via the Internet, books, magazines, etc. And I made the change tapping into my inner fears and working on ME. Physically and emotionally. It works. Healthy lifestyles changes ARE possible.

9. I'm a positive person. I love motivating people, I love to see the gleam in others eyes when they get excited about what I have to say. And in the same vein, I'm a talker, and I'm animated, encouraging, excited about the education I'm able to give about my journey. I WANT TO MOTIVATE OTHERS. I want people to really buy-in to what I have to say and the importance of my content. I hope that my blog encourages you to be a better you!

10. I'll give you a cookie...

P.S. My intention was to take a pic of a REAL cookie, but I have none in the house. Ironic?


  1. I follow you and you are right about every point. Have a great day!

  2. I follow you. You're in the white Toyota Corolla, right? Wait... that's not you. Who have I been following?

  3. Well, I only just found your blog, but I'll definitely be following you from here on in!

  4. You got me...I'm joining you...I smiled, I almost laughed out loud! Anyone who can make me laugh on a diet gets me to follow!
    Looking forward to it