Sunday, April 3, 2011

March #GoTheDist

One of my fav bloggers and tweeples FatGirlvsTheWorld has an ongoing challenge called "Going The Distance" (or hashtag #GoTheDist - for all you non-twitter users).

And every month since October I've tried to take part in it, and every month I'm fairly certain I've never completed it...

Of I've come close... pretty damn close sometimes, but each time something happens...

October = Bursitis
November = Thanksgiving
December = Christmas
January = Shin Splints (see March)
February = Short Month
March = Stress Fracture (see January), Good friend passed away, Laid off my old job, Got a new job

As each month goes by I'm noticing a trend here... excuses, constant excuses....

...and after each month goes by, I have two conflicting feelings...

One of them is the voice of FatGirlvsTheWorld in my head saying, "It's not about perfection! Its about striving, quit your whining and try again, Can you do better? Do you feel you're worth it?" (Cause she's hardcore like that)

The other voice is the one saying the whole thing is stupid, that I shouldn't focus on mileage, that I shouldn't join the next month's challenge, that every time I try... I fail... so why do it again?

And here again I stand on that same decision. March #GoTheDist is closed... April has now begun.

I have an inclination to justify my March numbers... regardless of not meeting my elliptical mileage (only 26 miles out of 44 about 66%) I met my walking goal of 10 miles. All this while recovering from a stress fracture. I didn't enter in my steps, or water intake, or do any strength training or stretching for the month.

However, I was very good about entering in my "what I learned today":
  • Today I learned that I have to accept when things change and find a way to be flexible when they do.
  • Today I choose to not feel guilty for not exercising while my body is healing.
  • I learned that when I'm busy I have to shut out everything around me and focus.
  • I learned that my sister is smarter than I am - and I love it.
  • I learned that I have a great family who really love me.
  • I learned that Mardi Gras isn't necessarily all its cracked up to be.
  • I learned that a friend who you haven't connected with in a long time is still a friend. Make sure to tell them that you leave them before they leave this earth. RIP, Beau
  • I learned that I can eat a piece of pizza and a half a box of cookies while snuggling on the couch with my husband - GUILT FREE!
  • I learned that my body isn't "fighting me" and I'm not "fighting it." We're in this together.
  • Today I learned that good friends are forever.
  • Today I learned that nothing is forever. Including your job.
  • Today I learned that packing up and moving out of your office helps you sleep at night.
  • Today I learned that the feeling of being overwhelmed helps you to get organized.
  • Today I learned that productivity is all up to me.
  • Today I learned that opportunities present themselves where you least expect them.
  • Today I learned that regrets can be resolved.
  • Today I learned that I'm just as motivated as ever to accomplish my goals.
  • Today I learned that nothing lasts forever, but change is good.
  • Today I spent the day doing something new and fun with my daughter and we both had a fabulous time.
  • Today I learned that new friends make life interesting and fun.
  • Today I learned that when I'm myself and able to show people the true me, some people really like it.
  • Today I learned that I am a marketable person, and valuable to many many people.
  • Today I learned that new jobs make you tired. BRAIN OVERLOAD!
  • Today I learned that it IS possible to love what you do for a living. And sometimes people make all the difference
  • Today I learned that exhaustion is a reminder that you need to rest.
  • Today I learned that good things happen to those who wait.
  • Today I learned that reaching out of my comfort zone and doing new things is fun!
  • Today I learned that sleeping late is fun but working out is more fulfilling
  • Today I learned that when life hands you lemons, they taste good just as they are.
  • Today I learned that work can be fun!
  • Today I learned that I am an awesome motivational person!
Now as I gaze back at those answers... as I look back as those months, and as I ponder the meaning of it all... I come to the realization that Spring is about change. And March was my change. March presented me with many changes. And not any that I could run away from. Ones that I had to face. Its easy to lose track of a healthy lifestyle when your life kind of goes topsy turvy, but I came out of it still wanting to live the way I do... still wanting to live in a healthy way... still wanting TO LIVE.

Now as I gaze at April's challenge, Finding Your Fight, I can see that I need to FIGHT for my #GoTheDist in order to be successful, I need to FIGHT against the excuses. I need to find the fight I have within me to reach a goal.

I'm pledging 1 day a week for strength training and 1 day a week for stretching.
64 oz at least of water each day.
And I'm pledging 24 miles running this month.

And I'm going to FIGHT for every mile.


  1. So.... in retrospect, do you think you went the distance in March? Do you think it's just about miles, or pounds, or did you stick with what you were feeling, honor your intention, and find the resolve to try again?

    I mean, from where i stand, I see a success story.

  2. I see a success story too. Great job!

  3. From all you just wrote, I see that March was a big success for you. You had to overcome a lot. You did and kept on moving forward. You may not have met your miles goal, but it seems to me like you learned some stuff and sure as hell went the distance IMO.

    Keep up the great work. I'm glad to see you in April's challenge! Oh and congrats on the new job!

  4. Its hard for me to see a success story when I didn't complete my mileage. BUT i do feel I learned something from last month which has really helped me to grow as a person, and that what the month's theme (or lesson). So in that way, I'm successful.