Monday, May 2, 2011

April #GoTheDist (Go The Distance)

For those of you unfamiliar, a fav of mine on Twitter, FatGirlvsWorld. She has a blog and a challenge that she does on a monthly basis called Going the Distance (hashtag: #GoTheDist on Twitter).

For April the challenge was Finding Your Fight. In previous months, I've been very good about writing my comments per the challenge's guidelines, but I've been terrible about making the mileage. In one of my March blog post's, I talk about how I've had all these issues and haven't been able to really breakthrough the mileage barrier.

Well, this month I did.

Goal: Run 24 miles
Completed: 24.08 miles
Percentage: 100.33%

It was close, but I did it.

Now I'm signed up for the May Challenge and have added some elliptical workouts this month. (I've started to plateau with my weight loss so its time to hit hard this month and see if I can breakthrough the barrier)

Wish me luck!

Oh and my shoes are starting to look nasty...

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