Saturday, May 28, 2011

CLICK - Espresso Protein Drink: Review

As I type this I'm drinking a CLICK Espresso Protein Drink - Mocha flavored (blended). I recieved these at Fitbloggin and thought "what a great idea!" I'm always looking for way to get more protein and I'm a big fan of protein drinks. What better way to get some in the morning then by sipping down some espresso! So I tried them. Here's my account.

Over ice: I started with the Mocha and followed the directions. 12 oz of water.

Now shake.
Now pour.

Looks good. No clumps. No grittiness.
Time to give it a try.
Hey, that's pretty good.
Let's have DubyaKid give a try.

DubyKid: "It tastes like coffee."
DW: "Well, I think that's the point."

So the cold Mocha over the ice was good. Smooth taste, definitely tastes like espresso, a bit watered down flavor and not as thick as a Starbucks Frappacino, but still yummy.

Next let's try hot:
(no pictures shown, forgot tot take them)

I tried the Vanilla Latte for this one, same idea of water, powder packet, and shake. then I put it in a microwavable container (glassware) and nuked it. You may have to give it a couple of tries at 30 sec each, cause I like my coffee hot.

This time it tastes like coffee. I think the Vanilla has a stronger flavor. also nuking it gives it that froth on top like an espresso. Still kinda has the watered down flavor, not thick like you get with steamed milk. But I drank the whole thing down regardless so I must have liked it.

Now blended:

Notice the froth! I added about half the water 6oz and then the rest with ice. I was really hoping to get a frappacino type of drink in doing this, but really what I got was the same drink but with crushed ice in the froth. Still tastey, but not quite what I was looking for.

Lastly, Dubya gave it a try (he's a lover of iced coffee):

This time we used the shaker per the instructions!

He adds his packet:
Dubya: "Don't take a picture of me."

Dubya: "You know that's gonna come out all blurry..."

DubyaWife: "Yeah, that's the point... it's showing motion!"

Dubya's review: "It tastes like watered down coffee."


A man of few words, people.... this is why I write the blog, not him.

So let's break it down.

  • It's great way to have a protein drink for breakfast or cold.
  • It's not overly sweet or overly flavored.
  • There's no protein powder taste.
  • Mixes very easily with the shaking.
  • It's smooth with no gritty taste or yucky after taste.
  • It really tastes like coffee.

  • It tastes like water down coffee.
  • Doesn't have the thickness like a frappe (maybe add it with skim milk?)
DubyaWife's Take:
So while I wasn't out running around to find a protein espresso powder to use at home. I think now I would really like this for smoothies and for Dubya occasionally. Brewing coffee and then icing it is a pain and this makes it easy. I wish I had more to be able to try it with some milk and/or blend into a banana smoothie or something. I'm usually not a big fan of cold coffee drinks, but because I knew I was getting the protein out of these, I drank them. So try them out for yourself, you won't be disappointed with the purchase.

This review is part of my new goal to do one product review a month. CLICK did not sponsor or pay me to do this review. It is purely based on some giveaways from Fitbloggin and now I'm telling my opinion. I will be honest that I'm blogging to register to win a prize given by CLICK, but it no way shape or form does that affect my opinion above. I Blog with Integrity.


  1. I drink Click every morning for breakfast - no lie. I actually like them the other way around - vanilla over ice and the mocha hot. The mocha is also very good if you add your favorite flavored creamer.

  2. I found a packet of the Vanilla in my desk drawer. I'll have to try it cold and add some creamer, like you said. I'll let you know. Thanks for reading!