Sunday, May 1, 2011

Countdown to Fitbloggin: The 19 Day Challenge

Fitbloggin is a conference held annually for health & wellness bloggers. It's a chance for health nuts to get together and share info, make jokes, and embarrass themselves dramatically... and I won a ticket! (Big shout out thanks to Diets in Review for the free ticket!) As luck would have it Dubya and I were able to swing the cost of the airfare and hotel and I'll be in Baltimore on May 19th! (I know there's alot of exclamations thus far... bare with me...)

I'm probably way too excited for this and now that its May 1st I'm literally counting the days to Fitbloggin '11. This morning is made me think that while I'm counting down, why not "practice what I preach" and try to get others involved in some healthy habits for the next 19 days. So I present to you:

Countdown to Fitbloggin: The 19 Day Challenge!

The rules are pretty plain and simple:

1. healthier eating: This means whatever it means for you. If a low-calorie, no carb day is working for you than so be it. Others may need 3,000 calories with tons of protein. Whatever the case may be, stick to it and above all track it!

2. Move around more: More specifically at least 30 minutes per day. I don't care if it's walking for 30 minutes, pilates, yoga, running, or mountain climbing... Some form of (not-normal-everyday-stuff) exercise. You yourself are accountable. And of course, it needs to be tracked. Which brings me to my last rule:

3. Track it! or or or an excel spreadsheet many many other ways. OR old school paper and pencil! Just commit to tracking it for the next 19 days.

4. (optional) For the next 19 days, one blog post per day! Let's increase some health & fitness blog content. It can be a repost of nutrition information, or pictures, or simply a thought for the day. Whatever it is, post once a day and let us know on twitter with #fitbloggin19days or #fitblogginchallenge.

"But DubyaWife, I'm not going to Fitbloggin..."
Never fear, you TOO can still participate in the challenge. If you're on twitter, simply use the Fitbloggin hashtag #fitbloggin19days and let us know how the progress is going. Post on my blog. If not those, e-mail DubyaWife (dubyawife AT gmail DOT com) and let me know how your progress is going! Make yourself follow up to keep yourself going. You are not on an island!

"Oh no, I started the challenge too late..."
Of course not! It's never too late to start healthy living. Just jump right in and start making it happen.

What will you do today? What will you eat? How will you spend your thirty minutes to work up a sweat? On twitter, use the hashtag #fitbloggin19days or #fitblogginchallenge and let us know. Or post below.

It's 19 days until Fitbloggin,

19 days of healthier living,

19 days of thinking about you,

take each one day by day,

make the best of them!


  1. This is great :) I'm working on continuing to work hard! SOOOOO excited for Fitbloggin!!!!!!

  2. This is a great idea! While I'm not going to Fitbloggin, I would still love to participate! I already use MyFitnessPal, but I'll commit to using it to the letter. I'm usually bad about putting in my dinner meal, but I'll commit do making SURE I get it in there and the calories get tracked! I'll let you know of my status in my Tweets!

    Great post!

  3. Awesome! Glad you're on board!!!