Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fitbloggin '11 : My First 5K

As many of you are aware on Thursday I fly away to lovely Baltimore to attend the Fitbloggin Conference.

It's a conference offered for people like me. We love to exercise, eat healthy, and blog. Why not combine the three?

The schedule consists of various exercise classes, blogging upgrades and tips, as well as plain ol' fashioned Q&A.

I'm super excited to attend this conference and looking forward to everything I'll learn and the wonderful people I'll meet.

The one thing I'm afraid of is... the 5K on Friday morning.

I can't help it. Fear has set in.

I've always envisioned my 5K... my husband and daughter and other family and friends there. Wishing me good luck at the starting line... and then seeing them cheer for me as I make that last stretch. Hell, I get choked up just thinking abotu it.

But in this case... there won't be any fanfare, no family to give me strength.

It'll be just me. Can I do it? Will I have the motivation from within that I need? Will I be able to be proud of myself at the end?

It's different running a 5K in a town that you don't know, a route you don't know, with people you've never met... imagine if it was your first. I sometimes regret not doing it at home first...

So with all this negativity... why am I still doing it? Why?

I don't know, but suffice it to say that there's something deep inside of me that knows I can. Something in there that realizes I'm capable of doing it. And the vision of crossing that finish line knowing (even if others don't know) that I finished my first 5K.

I will finish my first 5K. It will be in Baltimore at Fitbloggin.

And from 1,174 miles away they will cheer. Inside my heart I will cheer.

Tune in all week via my twitter feed to find out what's going on and what I'm up to. I won't be posting until I get back. Muah!


  1. I'll be cheering for you!! You can do this!!!!

  2. Don't stress about your first 5k! YOU CAN DO THIS! I know you envisioned it with a little bit more fanfare and excitement, but don't be disappointed. Use that as motivation to remember why you're getting healthy in the first place...FOR YOU. As you run, focus on your breathing and putting one foot in front of the other. Think about how far you've come, and most importantly, think about how proud of yourself you are! You earned it! Wishing you all the best! Can't wait to hear about your trip! Go go go!

  3. I am so honored to be able to say that I crossed that finish line with you! You did absolutely amazing! I'm so glad that it was your first 5k, it made it so incredibly special! Love you tons!

  4. It was great to meet you this weekend!! You are so inspiring and smart. Keep being you!! ;)