Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fitbloggin '11 Recap: Photo Dump

It's late and I don't have time to give a proper content recap (Sorry!) so here's a photo dump:

It just so happened that GettinFitBritt was on the same flight as mine to Fitbloggin!

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, BANANAPHONE!

On our flight and so excited to get to Baltimore!

Thursday was registration. I was so excited to meet BodhiBear. She just has such a calming aura about her, I love it.

FatGirlsCanRun tries out the Trampolines provided by Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. It was a serious lower body workout!

So much love is this place!

Went to dinner at Mo's seafood. CRABS! Lovely ladies: LeavingFatville, FattyBoobaLatty, 262milejourney, FitandFreeEmily, TheWeightress, and ertelmo1 or RunningKnitWitMom

The view from our hotel room.

An adorable pic with Katy Widrick before our 5K run on Friday morning.

We get geared up with New Balance before we head out to run around the harbor!
Look at that smile after I run my FIRST 5K!

FatGirlvsWorld ... or is it... BATGirlvsWorld ...!?!

Girl-Heroes shows us how to properly use Kettlebells. (I got one now! Thanks to mouseroo!

First Zumba class ever and i loved it. It was also one of the sweatiest and most intense workouts I've done. Phew!

MizFitOnline shows us how to use resistance tubing and what she calls "mind muscle."

Next she shows us the popular UgiFit balls. I was hoping to win one, but sadly I didn't.

RunningKnitWitMom laughs while FatGirlvsWorld took our order for us, we waited for REAL service...
Disclaimer: DO NOT EAT AT THE RESTAURANT CALLED PIZAZZ IN BALTIMORE. Terrible service and bad food.

Yeah ok, we got a little rowdy.

Saturday morning I did a Pilates class with Andrea Metcalf. I was very impressed, she really knows her stuff. More about her to come.

A cute pic with ShrinkingGretch who I ran with in the 5K. Love this gal, she's hardcore and adorable!

Had to get a quick pic with KatDoesDiets to make sure I tweet Coach's Oats. I've heard such good things, but never tried them.

Fitbloggin ended and I got a quick pic with Roni Noone the Fitbloggin Coordinator. You could see how relieved she was that it was done. Thanks, Roni!

And of course my life would be incomplete without a pic with JackSht.

Grabbed a quick pic with MizFitOnline ... I'm either in awe or her arm muscles are so darned strong she's CRUSHING me. ;-) Actually in all likeliness I was making some smartass comment.

MrsFatAss and me: Trust me this woman is just as hilarious in person as on her blog. Plus, she's very down to earth. Love her.

Shauna who was on the Eating Intuitively Panel... more to come about that too.

And my favorite... I don't think I've ever seen me so joyful... and proud.

Overall Fitbloggin was a blast, every moment spent there was completely motivational and supportive. I really didn't expect to walk away with such positive emotions as I did. Not only did I get a physical workout, but I emotionally have some food for thought, and made some good friends along the way. I have some great ideas for some fitness goals and new workouts to try. As well as new foods! Plus I learned on how to better my blog for my readers and really make sure that you guys get the BEST DubyaWife Blog out there!

So there is the short and sweet of it. Now after four days of travel, I'm exhausted!

More to come soon! (With a giveaway - STAY TUNED!)


  1. It was so amazingly awesome to meet and hang with you this weekend!!

    much love and big hugs!

    xox, jen

  2. Yay! I love that picture of us. You mind if I download it for my own collection?

    SO wonderful to meet you irl!

  3. It was amazing to see you this weekend -- and I'm still so proud of your 5K!

  4. I am so glad to have met you and discovered your blog! And I SO appreciate your support during our Ditch The Diet touched my heart. BIG HUGS!!

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  6. GREAT photo dump!! I love seeing all these photos. I will most definitely NOT miss it next year!

  7. Awesome post! Loved the pics of all my fave bloggers!

  8. Oh holy balls we are awesome. so incredibly awesome.
    that locomotive will never be the same.

  9. Love all the photos! It was a great weekend!

  10. Love the pics, and I was sooooo happy to meet you! :D

  11. Hey Dubya,

    So nice to meet you as well. If I ever make it to the Bayou--we are seriosuly hanging out. Now get yer but to NYC!!

    Ox Ox,
    (Brooklyn Fit Chick)

  12. It was so freaking good to meet you comrade. Same time next year? Who knows how far you'll be running by then? :)

  13. KUDOS on your first 5K! It was a beautiful morning for a run - smiles!

    Loved all the pics and captions, the perfect recap!

    Winks & Smiles,

  14. I get a tear in my eye every time I see that post 5k pic. Can't wait to see you!!