Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's my blog, not yours.

On this Thoughtful Thursday and only a week away from going to Fitbloggin in Baltimore, I'm feeling very.... retrospective...

It's nervous knowing that I'll be meeting people with blogs that have over 1,000 followers, while I'm still plugging away with my 42 faithful ones (don't fret, I love you guys.)

My first instinct is to feel the need to "beef up" my blog. Put content on it that will drive visitors to my site. Need better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! Need popular content! Need to get more traffic! And I feel the weight, the gravity, the pressure of wanting to big bigger, and better, and more famous.

But then I remember - It's my blog, not yours. Oh yes, my fellow followers, tweeples, and facebook friends... I don't write this blog for you, I write it for me.

I started this when I needed the strength to change. I needed a method to write down my thoughts and feelings. I needed a voice to go on and on about weight loss, fitness, healthy eating that wouldn't annoy the piss out my loved ones... and I found it here.

In short: Blogging has saved my life.

Not in a caped crusader type of way, but in a therapeutic way. Without it I would have been internalizing all of my errors, all my doubts. Nor would I have anyone to give me an "Atta Boy!" when I did well. Or those so precious comments that say "You inspire me."

Wow. I inspire people? Me?!?

What better motivation is there then to know that I'm being watched... and not from a stalkerish-creeper-breathing-heavily-in-the-corner watching you way, but in a loving, caring, and motivational way.

Changing to a healthy lifestyle is so much more than counting calories or exercising daily or any of the practical stuff. It also involves an emotional change. Learning self-love. Learning to take yourself seriously. Learning to accept your mistakes. Take ownership of them. And to grow.

We're all unique in this aspect. Each of us is on our OWN journey. This blog is mine.

Again I say, It's not your blog, it's mine.

My creation. My creativity. My voice.

And when I remember that... when I focus on how beautiful and special and uplifting that is....

I don't care about how many followers. I don't care about site visits. I don't care about traffic.

I remember that there's only one of me.
There's only one DubyaWife and my story is unique.

1000 bonus points for anyone who made references to Lord of the Rings with a Gollum / Smeagol quote: "My own. My precious" OR Highlander: "There can be only one." Btw the points don't matter. That's right, the points don't matter, just like Best Buy to Amish people.


  1. Well said! I couldn't agree more :)

  2. Great perspective! I have a newer blog with about 10 followers. I write it for me (and maybe my family a bit). :-) Can't wait to meet you at Fit Bloggin'

  3. Love your attitude! Do this for you and when people follow you know it's because they like you....don't put on an what you need to and inspire as you go along. It's going to happen.

  4. I'm glad I found your blog and couldn't agree more. I actually can't stand to read the super popular blogs because to me they tend to lack substance, transparency and feel like they're trying too hard. Just my opinion. I prefer to read about real people doing real things, so again - glad I found you!