Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need Your Help!

Attention Twitter, Facebook, and Blog World!

DubyaWife needs your help! My iPod list sucks monkey balls! And I'm getting bored with hearing the same workout tunes.

Post your ipod list below or just some of your favorite tunes.

What's your favorite workout song? What do you like to workout to? What gets you pumped?



  1. Thanks to @Katierunsthis for sending us her music on her blog: Check it out!

  2. Some of my faves to run to...

    "All fired up" - Pat Benatar
    "Get this party started" - Pink
    "Lose my breath" - Destiny's Child
    "Yeah!" - Usher
    "Dancing with myself" - Billy Idol

  3. Anything from the 80's. Duran Duran, U2, Crowded House, Glass Tiger, *sigh* I am so old, but it gets me moving when I need to.

  4. Pretty much any song from the Nappy Roots "Watermelon, Chicken, & Gritz" album. The songs are fast and fun :) I burned the album from my sister a couple of years ago and I haven't gotten sick of working out to it yet.

  5. I have a real varied mix. The new Britney Spears stuff, OMG by Usher, Some stuff by shinedown and sick puppies. Then again I was kinda hoping I'd get some ideas from the comments here because my playlist needs some work.