Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Reasons to Run a 5K at Fitbloggin!

1. Because I have a strict rule about running 5ks. At least one heisman pose every 100 yards. I carry a football too. What?
2. Because you never know when a bear will start chasing you at about a 10 min/mile pace and then give up after 3.1 miles.
3. Because 5K is $5,000, right?
4. One word: velociraptors.
5. Need to achieve proper airpseed velocity while carrying a coconut.
6. Cause I can't turn off the Chariots of Fire theme music that plays in my head.
7. Cause I run with a cell phone to my ear, repeatedly shouting "Tank, I need an exit!"
8. Cause JackSh*t will undoubtedly make a fool of himself, and I can't miss it.
9. Because the air in Baltimore isn't at 1000% humidity and that should make it easier to run, right?

and NUMBER 10....

Because Chuck Norris doesn't run 5ks, he roundhouse kicks them to the face.

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