Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Mean. Make a Choice. Choose Health!

I found something nostalgic to demonstrate how long I've been on this journey. Here's a post from diet.com forums (note the date and the weight loss ticker):

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:10 pm Post subject: New outlook!

Well I'm not new the site sadly... as I've tried over and over again. But I have a new outlook.

I'm the Steady Snacker, All or Nothing Doer, and Procrastinator. Which makes for a dangerous combination of weight gain.

It's not so much as losing it as I want a different lifestyle. I want to be active and healthy and I want to be able to play with my daughter without losing breath. Crying or Very sad

No more "I'll start tomorrow"... "Just this one bite"... "I deserve to relax"

My mind set is changed... and I don't want to go back. My tools to get there are support form family, friends, and self-motivation. (And tracking on this site isn't to bad either).

Has anyone else been in this situation and had success?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 6:09 pm Post subject: Been there, done that, wrote the book, designed the T-Shirt

....but believe it or not, there's a way out.

First, you have to drop everything. Yes, drop it! Drop your expectations, drop your fear, drop your anticipation, drop your blame. Get mean. Make a decision. Choose health. Then stand at the door and will yourself to walk through it, knowing every boring, hard detail you're going to have to face.

The news is, it's going to be hard, it's going to take a long time, there are going to be times when you hate it, and your only choice is to accept the way it is -- every day, every last minute -- and get on with it.

Then keep choosing. Every time you have a choice, choose your program. Every time you think about sleeping in, choose your program. Every time you want a mocha, choose water. And your program. And when you fall off track (everyone does) -- forget the blame. Pass the blame right by and keep moving on -- to choose your program.

It's sort of like being pregnant -- there's no way out of it except through. You can love it or hate it, but it's there with you every day. That's the way your program has got to be. When you don't want to get out of bed and exercise, you have to anyways. When you want that candy bar, you can't have it. It's just the way it is. It's not that you don't have a choice -- rather, you are choosing to stick with every ugly, boring, uncomfortable minute of your program. And you know what? One day you'll look back and realize -- you've been doing your program for six months, and you're 20, 30, 50 pounds lighter.

Good luck!

Mary B.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:34 am Post subject:

Wow. Thanks Mary... reading your post this morning was exactly what I needed to keep my motivation going. I'll have to keep it somewhere to read whenever I have doubt.

Thanks, again!

\"Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool \"

Nowadays I use this tag line as my signature on my e-mail. It's kind of my banshee, battle cry in my head that helps me when I have those moments of doubt. Or when I want to encourage others.

Those of you following my journey, you know that I started this on October 12, 2009 and since that date I've lost close to 80lbs. - insert fanfare here -

What you don't know is that I really started this journey way before then. In fact, it would probably be closer to the year 2000 (after my daughter was born)... so that'd be 80lbs in 11 years... still wanna blow that trumpet?

Truth is, Our journey never really has a beginning, nor does it have an end. When it comes to healthy living it is an ongoing, long living relationship with food and exercise.
I sent her a message today:

Sent :: Message

Posted:Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:30 am
Subject:An Old post
I just wanted to let you know that years ago you posted on the forums to me.


I still read this post to this date. I use it as a tag line on my blog www.dubyawife.com

I hope this e-mail helps you to remember that we're not an island out there, our words have power, and yours helped me. Thanks.

\"Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool \"

I hope she gets it. And I hope that it brings a smile to her face and helps her on her journey.

We're not alone.

Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool


  1. I'm floored by the kudos, DubyaWife. I got it. And it brought a smile a mile wide to my face.

    Looks like you've gone on a million-mile journey. And I'm sure you took it one step at a time.

    Can't wait to see what you've done by October 11!

    Mary B.

  2. So glad that I found you again! :) Send me an e-mail at dubyawife (at) gmail (dot) com so we can catch up.

  3. Read her response to mine here: http://thedepartmentofweightsandmeasures.blogspot.com/2011/06/in-pursuit-of-surrender-open-letter-to.html