Monday, June 6, 2011

What's next?

So now I've run my first 5K... I have tons of new items to try from Fitbloggin (kettlebell, Zumba, DVDs)... I've joined a gym... and I still have some pounds to lose until I hit my 100 lbs (lost) goal...

What to do... what to do... There's so many choices, so many new fitness opportunities my head is spinning with trying to get a game plan.

Before I get sidetracked...

Oct 12, 2011 is my two year mark. 4 1/2 months away. That's roughly 20 weeks. By my estimations that's a pound a week I need to lose to hit my goal by then. Will I make it?

I need to step up my game. How to do that?

Let's review my New Year's Resolution Goals... Shall we?

Wow... I've completely missed my April 30th goal... And I have 30 days to hit 170lbs. We're talking about 7-10lbs then (depending on water weight). I'm disappointed in myself. I lost sight of my goals.

Instead of getting down on myself... instead of getting angry or mad... I'm more interested in a plan of action. In getting focused and staying focused. I need to make this happen. All else is shit compared to the goals that I want. The goals that I set for myself.

Fitness Goals:
Now that the 5k is over, it's time to work on speed and endurance some more. I want to run an official 5K (you know one with a number and a time.) I want to train for The Crescent City Classic 10K in 2012. But that means I need to work on running a 5K in 30 minutes. I want those 10 min miles baby. However, it's hot as balls down here. And I can't do morning running all the time as summer DubyaKid camp schedule conflicts. This means I'm going to need to utilize the gym with treadmills and be able to do some laps at the pool! Tuesday I have an appointment with a trainer to go through a fitness assessment and get some training on their weight machines. I hope to get a clear set of instructions and scheduling to be able to give myself 2/3 nights a week in the gym. Regardless, I'll have a great battle plan after Tuesday.

Nutrition Goals:
I know I've preached and preached about using calorie tracking and yet I've been slacking in this regard. LoseIt! and MyFitness Pal and others are very useful. But I find the task becoming more tedious than helpful. And sticking to 1200 calories a day virtually impossible. I'm unsure if this is because my body is telling me I need to eat more or if this is myself just indulging a little more. Regardless I need to be less indulgent on the weekends, when I tend to just let things go and not worry about it. I'm thinking about tackling the #7daychip mentality, just to get me back on track.

Emotional Goals:
After 600 days of living healthy you'd think I'd be done with emotional eating, wouldn't you? You would think that eating when I'm not hungry wouldn't be a problem, wouldn't you? Well guess what, you're wrong. It's just as hard sometimes. Some days I let myself go, some days I eat my feelings. Some days I just say "fuck it, I want to eat." And I do. But I think that's where some of the emotional work could be improved upon. When I have those days, I need to be able to either accept it or forgive it. And I also need to be able to recognize when it happens too often or even worse, not enough. Yep, you heard me right, sometimes we NEED to indulge. I don't care how much weight you want to lose, how many calories you count... everyone needs to have a moment of relief when it comes to food and/or fitness.

So let's summarize with a plan of action:
  • Fitness - Training for the 5K in Fall and 10K in Spring 2012. Gonna switch to treadmills while the heat is here and using elliptical and SWIMMING! Meet with my trainer on Tuesday to develop the battle plan.
  • Nutrition - Gotta stick to my calorie trackers and especially over the weekends.
  • Emotional - I need to indulge sometimes but I also need to recognize when sometimes is too much.
Zumba, kettlebells, DVDs will always be here for those days I get bored, for the days I need something new. As much as I want to try these out to post up reviews & giveaways and to let me readers know... right now I need to focus on me. I've got to maintain my eyes on the goal.

So here's s push for the next 25 days to make that goal. I know I CAN do it its a question of how much focus, time, and energy I want to give to making it happening. Time for focus.


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say I think you're doing great with your're examining, feeling,'s a process for sure and there are no right or wrong answers. And as I like to say: it's not about never again, it's about catching yourself sooner. BRAVA!!

  2. You're freaking awesome! You can do it! Let's do this together :) I'm back and ready to get down to business! love you!

  3. I love your breakdown of goals, Christine! I do a similar thing too.

    I think allowing yourself to recognize those "fuck it I just want to eat" days is super important. I think too often I've tried to ignore those feelings and then they blow up somewhere/time else. Indulging is SO important, if only for sanity's sake ;) But you're right, being mindful of it is KEY.

    You have come such a long way, and I'm constantly impressed by your strength and gusto! Keep it up, girl!

  4. I am just in awe of your drive & motivation! Good for you & thanks for being a great example to the people following your struggles, and more importantly, your SUCCESS! :)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced