Saturday, July 16, 2011

A 5K A Month

So I am a week away from my first "bibbed" (timed) 5K race. What's interesting about it is that I'm not really nervous at all. After having run my first 5K in Baltimore at Fitbloggin, running many 5Ks thereafter with the Happy's Running Club in Baton Rouge every Tuesday, and at the urging of my new #RunLA family. I'm happy to say I know I can run it. Now it's a question of how fast can I run it?

The race is called Light Up the Night (Saturday July 23rd at night) and benefits Operation Smile, which is a great cause. The theme is to wear glowing or light up stuff while running. I made a Light Up Hot Pink Tutu for the event and will be adorning many many glow sticks as well. (Pics to come!)

So with the start of this first race and many more to come, I'm committing to at least one 5K a month. I've listed those that I've signed up for on the "My Races" Page above. I'll do one 5K a month up until the Crescent City Classic which will then be a 10K. Thereafter I hope to find at least one 10K a month (a more difficult find) up until I try to run my first half-marathon the next year.

I'm very slowly working my way up here. I never really had a goal of running a marathon, but now after seeing what I'm capable of doing, I feel like it may be a possibility further down the road. Part of me thinks that I'm crazy for entertaining the idea, and another part of me thinks that I'm ready for the challenge.

So there it is a 5K a month (registered race). I'll post my times, which of course I'll try to beat each time. I can't just settle for mediocre. ;-)

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