Monday, July 25, 2011

Light Up The Night Fun Run Recap! (I'm a Runner!)

I have bad news for you. This was not my first 5K. My first 5K was at Fitbloggin in Baltimore, and for a Recap please go visitFatGirlsCanRun and my guest post here on her blog.

This was my first REGISTERED 5K race.
I loved picking up my packet and getting my first number.
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

The name of the event was the Light Up the Night 5K (to benefit Operation Smile). The theme was to wear bright clothes, light up stuff, or glowing things. Not to be outdone I made and wore this ridiculous thing!

Here I am all dressed up and ready to go!
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

I was super excited about my race and was geared up to run. My personal best (PR) had been 36:00 minutes and that was the time I wanted to beat for this race.

There were tons of other people in glow sticks, and ever some tutus! But I was the one and only light up pink tutu! :)
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

I was happy to run with a bunch of my Happy's Running Club friends and some #RunLA friends. Dubya, DubyaKid and some of our friends were there to cheer me on!
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

We got to the starting line and of course there's the "herding of cattle" as we make our way to the end of the block to start the race." They sounded the horn, and we're off!

I kept my pacing and made sure not to get to excited to go as FAST as I can. I plugged in my headphones, put on my GPS and off I went on a nice jog of downtown. For a while I was running with my good friends KatieRunsThis but then I felt some energy telling me to go go go (after all, I had a time to beat!) so I waved goodbye and kept going.
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

As I came to the 1 Mile Marker I was pacing at about 10:00 minutes so I was very proud of myself and really felt like I push further, so I quickened my pace and kept running. "Come Sail Away" came on my iPod, not a normal running song, but gave me some energy
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

Next up was the water station, and I kept running as I grabbed a cup, gulped some of it down and kept on going. Btw, Did I mention it was raining and slippery manhole covers are the worst! Finally I made the loop around and started back towards the Finish line. I was doing well, I was running about 5.5 mph, so as I saw the finish line I started to haul ass. I ran and ran and ran. I breathing hard I was running so fast.
But this wasn't the best part of my night...

My GPS was saying I had only run 2.5 miles thus far, so I figured it was messed up and ignored it. As I was a block away from the finish line, the people standing around starting clapping, I smiled. I crossed the finish line, looked at my clock. 29 minutes.

29 minutes!?!?!
(this wasn't the best part of my night...)

Holy crap balls, did I really just run a 5K in 29 minutes!?! I grabbed a drink of water, smiling from ear to ear, turned to my friend and announced my time. Then she said, "Yeah, they messed up the route, it ended up only being 2.7 miles."

Sad Panda.

So that sucks, my first registered 5K and turns out I ran 2.78 miles in 29:30. But wait, if we calculate that out to what an entire 5K would be, I would have run 32:53 for 3.1 miles. (Saying I kept my pacing up). That ain't half bad either. That would be a personal record.
But this still wasn't the best part of my night...

Drinking down some Powerade after my run. And now for some pics!

Sweaty and drenched from the rain!

DubyaKid, Me, KatieRunsThis, and brentokey

Afterwards there were door prizes, including a Grand Prize of 7 day vacation in Gatlinburg. I didn't win it,but I DID WIN the BEST COSTUME! Yay for the Light-Up-Hot-Pink-TuTu-of-Power! I won $325 gift certificate for a take home teeth whitening system. (Are they trying to tell me something?) Regardless, this still wasn't the best part of my night...

I sat down and ate some dinner with some new friends (Bambi_P, Faire les Courses, and Kathleen) and bid farewell to my battle grounds.
Still wasn't the best part of the night...

OKAY! What was the best part of the night you ask?

When I was at home, in my bathtub, soaking my tired bones. And I thought over the entire experience in my head, and smiled to myself

Cause I loved every minute of it.
I loved preparing for it.
I loved the thrill of being there.
I loved the people.
I loved running.

It was at that moment that I realized I'm a runner.

I. Am. A. Runner. ☺

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