Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Wish More People Knew About Me

It seems this topic is making its way around he blogging world, so here goes...

I am terrified of gaining it all back.
Every time I have a day that I don't work out, or eat a slice of pizza, or have a rest day, I fear. I fear getting into my old routines. I fear apathy. I try to remind myself that I've made lifestyle changes and that I'm smarter then what I was, but some days it works and some days it doesn't. I fear gaining it all back and losing all the work done on me - physically and emotionally.

I have UN-motivated days.
Today would be one. I have days where I don't want to run. I don't want to exercise. I don't want to do anything! I want to lay in my bed and each junk food while watching Star Trek: Next Generation Seasons. Or just nap.

I'm envious of Stay At Home Moms.
I started working at age 15, and started full time at age 18. I had to work during my daughter's infant years and still do to this day. I would love to be home cooking, cleaning, and running errands for my family. They are something I'm passionate about and they say you're supposed to do something you're passionate about.

I love my Southern roots, but wish I had lived away for a while.
Boiled Crawfish. LSU & Saints football. King Cakes. These are things that I've come to love and cherish as I've gotten older, but there's still a part of me that feels like I need to explore and see the rest of the country (and the world). That's tough when you're a mom & wife and have obligations. But one day it'll happen.

I'm adventurous.
I tell everyone. I'll try anything at least once. I love to try stuff out, to "wing it." I have no shame and often make a fool of myself. Btw, this drives my husband insane.

I'm an actress to the core.
I was in drama. I was in plays in college. I'm a public speaker. I love being in front of a crowd and sharing my motivation and enthusiasm. I very rarely get nervous. On the flip side it can be a bad thing, cause I'm very good at hiding my feelings or seeming "upbeat" all the time. Since part of being an actress is being a "showman" I can be very good at showing others what they want to see, and not necessarily the real me.

I think everyone else is smarter than me.
I'm not logical thinker and when I'm around people who are I automatically feel like an idiot. The same goes for those with higher education (Masters, PhDs), I just smile and nod and don't participate in conversation because I'm afraid I sound ignorant.

I don't fear confrontation and I don't like "elephants in the room."
When I get a weird feeling about someone, or something seems "not right" I put it out there in the open. Both at home and at the workplace. I figure life it too short for "bad blood" and honesty and openness are the best methods of communication.

I have a love/hate relationship with being alone.
I come from a family of four, so when I'm home alone I get very agitated that there's no noise. Sometimes when I do things by myself I feel like I'm all alone and it makes me very sad and depressed. Conversely, sometimes I love being alone is some situations. Traveling alone for some reason, because I feel like a jet-setter. I like road trips cause I blare the music loud. Or when I an have a "movie and junk food night" in my bed all alone.

I sometimes wish I had a more reserved personality.
I fear that my gregarious, bubbly personality turns some people off. I'm also very talkative. After parties and events I always ask my husband if "I went too over the top." I don't want to be the "girl who talks too much." I hope I'm a good listener and communicator, and not too in-your-face.

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