Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I'm a Better Runner Than You

In honor of my first "bibbed" 5K race tomorrow...

Top Ten Reasons (plus one) I'm a Better Runner Than You!

  1. I don't care about accolaids (but I still like to get them!)
  2. I don't care about finishing first (but I still try to every time!)
  3. I don't care about what people think when they see an overweight gal running a 5K.
  4. I'm there for the run, not for friends or medals.
  5. I smile!
  6. I push myself to keep running!
  7. I encourage others as I run. (with High Fives!)
  8. I love the uphill challenges and the downhill respites.
  9. I will proudly wear a 3.1 sticker on my car.
  10. I wear funny t-shirts with quirky sayings on them!
+1. I love when someone passes me up going at a faster pace and then I pass them up later while they're walking.

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