Friday, August 12, 2011

Pharmacist vs. DubyaWife

Attention one and all - Prepare to witness the most epic battle known to man!

IN THIS CORNER, weight approximately 180lbs, capable of running a 5K in a PR of 32 minutes, and a longest single run of 4.4 miles... we have DUBYYYYYAAAAWIIIIIIFE!

And IN THIS CORNER - weighing in at "we don't know" and capable of fulfilling prescriptions in 5 minutes flat we have THHHHHEEEEE PHARMMMMMACIST!

These two will fight in a duel to get the prescription filled for DubyaWife... WHO WILL WIN!?!


So I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say...

I won.

Basically what it came do to was that my pharmacist wanted to convince me of a couple of things:
  1. That my mail-order perscription could not be transferred.
  2. That my perscription had expired.
  3. That I had to wait until the weekday to get it filled after they called the doctor to confirm.
She was wrong on all accounts.
I knew she was wrong.

While I stood at the window trying to explain the situation to her, calling up the 1-800 number to do her job for her get it resolved, and finally waiting there as she was on the phone, I smiled to myself about the whole situation.

You see, two years ago, this would not have happened. "The girl who was" from long ago would have backed down. I wasn't sure of myself. I avoided confrontation, I felt like other people knew better than me. I would have politely said "okay..", complained about it at home and then have had a bigger problem to deal with in future refills.

Over the past two years though something has changed. I've proved to myself that I am capable of finishing goals. I'm capable of standing up myself. I'm capable of more and better. And because of that, I won't accept treatment by others that is anything less than I feel I deserve.

So, sorry Ms.Pharmacist, but you have no idea what I'm capable of, and where I've been. I won't accept your misguided attempts to shoo me away because you didn't feel like taking extra time to help a customer (yes, that's right even prescriptions are products and I'm a customer!).

I was so proud of my moment I went home and told Dubya the whole story. He agreed, "the girl that was" wouldn't have reacted in that way. We both commented on how I'm a different person nowadays - and for the better.

DubyaWife = 1
Pharmacist = 0


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