Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Carpet Road Race 5K: Recap & Pictures!

The Red Carpet Road Race is part of the Running Night Life series in Baton Rouge and was an was the first-time event. This was a VIP race where they capped the registration to 300 runners and tried to make everyone feel like "celebrities."

All dressed up for my race and looking FAB!

Some of the #RunLA (Happy's Running) crew:
Theresa Overby, Fairelescourses, KatieRUNSthis, Me, and Brentokey
(And our awesome race bibs!)

I finished in 37:15

Me & Katie

Lucia & Me
(a High School friend who I've reconnected with through running!)

RunBimma gettin' his groove on!

My medal! (First of many)

So it wasn't my fastest run and to be honest my first 5K that I've walked part of it. I blame the heat! It was incredibly hot and hard to breathe. I had the hardest time catching my breath and even afterwards felt very dizzy. So even though there wasn't a PR, I finished in the brutal heat of South Louisiana, so I consider that a victory.

It was a great event with an incredible after party! There were giveaways (I won a case of Powerade Zero!), drinks, a live band, great food (from Stroubes), and more. Everyone dressed up in some way and the whole event was very well organized. I'll definitely be doing this one again.

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