Friday, September 23, 2011

Half-Marathon Training: The 1st Month

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Mileage thus far:
Week 1 = 9.4
Week 2 = 13.1
Week 3 = 13.44
Week 4 = 6.24
Total: 42.18

Longest Run: 4.57 miles in 52:17 (11:27 pace)
Fastest Run: 3.12 miles in 32:22 (10:20 pace)

So I'm on Week 5 on DubyaWife's Crazy Half-Marathon Ultimate Plan of Awesomeness!

My longest run thus far has been 4.5 miles and it was a beautiful day at the lakes for the run. I did it in under 55 minutes (which I'm proud of!) and finished the day with some outdoor yoga thanks to lululemon.

Thus far I've only run into one hiccup in the midst of Week 4 (note the low mileage). After Monday's killer Strength Class (thanks to Lindsey at Foxy's Fitness - that girl will kick your ass), I wasn't feeling so well and proceeded to run that afternoon because I felt like I needed to push forward. Of course, the next day I still felt incredibly tired and to make matters worse I ate a late lunch. This led to me with a headache, upset stomach, and felt like my muscles had just given up.

I went home early and crashed in bed and slept. Fearing I was getting sick I decided that I needed to seriously listen to my body and give it a rest. So I took myself off of the training schedule and exercise all together and just rested for three days.

And boy did that help.

I knew had the mud run/obstacle course on Saturday and felt energized and ready to tackle it and in resting - I was prepared.

This is Week 5 and I'm feeling re-energized after my couple of days off last week and ready to tackle some more miles. This week (5) will be a total of 14.1 which is less than 10% increase from Week 3. I have my next longest run on Saturday for 5 miles! The goal is to hit between 60 - 65 minutes (that's 12:00 pacing).

Meanwhile the love of running goes on. I can honestly say I haven't gotten tired of it. Having the races to look forward to in the midst of the training really helps to change things up and make it fun. I'm loving running and adding on my miles.

Dubya's getting tired of me saying "I need to get in my miles in today..."
Every time I say that I correct myself by saying "I mean, I want to get my miles in today!"

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