Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Do You Keep Motivated?

I get asked sometimes "How do you stay motivated?" and the question itself boggles me because I don't think I'm ever not motivated. At this point in my health and fitness, my exercise and motivation have become so closely intertwined its difficult tot separate the two.

But after wrapping my head around it ... here some of the things/reasons/stuff I do to stay motivated when I do have those "I don't want to eat healthy or exercise" days:

I read. Sometimes just taking a moment to read a Fitness magazine, find an inspirational blog, or read the health news on Google. Occasionally I'll get good ideas on a new exercise to try that day, or perhaps a piece of wisdom that sticks with me like a mantra while I run, anything that will inspire me to do and be my best that day. Check out my blog roll for awesome inspirational writers.

I look at pictures. Going through Pinterest to find some motivational pictures can help you to get in the right frame of mind. Or even googling images with "fitness motivation." Sometimes about 5 minutes of looking at pictures of people crossing finish lines or doing push ups can make you say "I wanna be her!" Then you can go out yourself and make it happen. Click here for some great motivation sayings

I bust my excuses. Sometimes the best thing to do is the "Why" your excuses. You think, "I don't wanna workout..." Why? "Because I'm tired..." Why? "Because I didn't sleep enough last night..." Why? "Because I stayed up too late..." Why? "Because Civ5 is freaking addictive..." ... When I get to about that point I start thinking how I keep making excuses and they're endless. I bust them up. How can I make it happen today? How can I do something today? No excuses.

I plan. Usually every Sunday night or Monday morning I've pretty much got it figured out for the week what I'm going to be doing everyday for exercise and eating. with flexibility! I always allow for something to go wrong. If I plan for the lunch time gym class and a meeting runs long I can still head to the 5pm after work. If an unexpected dinner party happens and I'm gonna blow up my calories then I add some minutes to my run the next day or have a smoothie for lunch instead. Someone way shape or form, I plan and then re-plan depending on obstacles.

Music. Music. Music. The best way to get me really motivated to get up and moving is some hard core music that either gets my emotions running or get my heart beat dancing. Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, or anything with inspirational message and a good beat makes me wanna go out there and conquer the world.

I go back to my mantra. Get Mean. Twisted Evil Make a Decision. Exclamation Choose Health! Cool It sounds corny, cheesy, or contrived. But it works. I get pumped up... angry with media and they're skewed vision of pretty, reved up about working out and pushing myself further, motivated to be bad-ass. I remember that I'm making decisions, not rules. I'm in control. Not the food, not my job. I make the decisions. And when I'm making those choices - I'm choosing health each time. even if that means resting. I'm conscience that this journey is not just about weight loss. It's about being healthy - for the rest of my life.

I just get started. Some of my best workouts have been the ones I didn't want to do. Sounds crazy doesn't it? The workouts where I I'm tired, sluggish, I keep telling myself that I don't want to. But somehow, someway I just start.... that's it... just start doing it. And then a change happens. I find that energy starts flowing, I keep pushing myself to keep going even though 5 minutes ago I wanted to quit. And then by the end of it I'm all smiles and feel like I can breathe fire! I remind myself of those workouts on the days I don't want to, and it helps me to just get started.

In all motivation is key to fitness success. Think about the Olympians training, the football players minutes before the game, the tennis players before the go out on court. Imagine what's in their brains. Listen to their chants before they hit the field. Watch the focus and determination in their eyes.

If they can do it, I can do it.

What's your motivation? How do you keep motivated?

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